Friday, June 28, 2013

Rainy Days

The summer time in this area is really muggy, with lots of bugs.  But it also comes with lots of random thunder storms.  I love it.  I am just a grown up kid, I may not jump in puddles much, but I LOVE driving through them and getting a giant splash all over the car.
Although I have some children that are a little nervous of pools, they LOVE the rain. 
My only problems are with the excessive energy they seem to have on rainy days.  When they want to do this for hours on end.  It really is a miracle there are not more injuries.

So after watching them go crazy and then stare out the window for 15 straight minutes, I finally caved and let them go outside.

All the older kids listened to me and got coats and shoes on.  But not my little guy.  Nope, he always wants to experience everything.

I don't blame him.  It is way more fun getting soaked and have your hair dripping wet and be freezing than just standing under an umbrella, although that is really fun too.  I love the pure joy of the simple things in life that little kids have.  It makes you see the world differently.  A rainy day isn't just inconvenient in their eyes.  It is a world to explore and enjoy.

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  1. Spam, you are such a good mom! I love that you let the go fun!