Monday, November 30, 2009

Happy Birthday My Little Boy!

My Darling Josh,
How are you two years old already? Yesterday was your birthday and it was a lot of fun. You were so tired all morning and really grouchy. We kept trying to tell you it was your birthday so it was a "happy" day. I don't think you really cared, you just wanted your "elmo happy cake." So after church, we opened your presents, talked to your Cooper grandparents on Webcam, ate piggies in a blanket, then had Aunt Cassie, Aunt Kenni and Uncle Chris, "Nommy" and his mom and dad, Ethnie and "Bebba" over for cake. It was so cute watching you try to blow out your candles. Sadly, you didn't even want your cake by then, you had way too much fun playing with Tommy. :) You are so sweet and adorable, and so much fun. You love to talk and make tons of noise. You love Elmo and Fish and your little brother. You get so excited when Daddy comes home and you just love people in general (unless you are tired, and then you are up and down). :) We love you so much! Happy birthday!
Love, Mama and Daddy and K-K-Bebe

The Past Little While

For Thanksgiving, we make oreo turkeys. This is Cassie making some fabulous creations. Tyson came home early from work on Tuesday and brought me these gorgeous flowers. Tragically, I wasn't home at the time, but the flowers are perfect. I love my husband!

Cute Caleb and his handsome blue eyes.
Josh loves to share with Caleb. :)

Daddy-son time. (Don't you love Josh's total cheese-smile? He is such a ham)

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Halloween...a little late

First off, happy birthday Chanson! I cannot believe you are 18, and I still think you are lucky to have your birthday on a day where every house will give you candy. Totally not fair. :) We had a fun halloween. The Cooper family was with us and Grandma and Grandpa designed and carved Josh an Elmo pumpkin which was so cool. And Josh and Caleb were our own little pumpkins. We took them trick-or-treating downtown and then at the ward trunk-or-treat. It was a lot of fun and Josh was adorable with his little "trik-o-tet."

This last one has nothing to do with Halloween. I just wanted to put it up. This kid is hilarious. And yes, he put this on of his own accord and ran around the house with it, he looked like an astronaut. I have the craziest kid.

Happy One Month

My Darling Little Caleb,

How quickly the time flies. I still feel like it was just yesterday that I was in the hospital holding you for the first time and now you are already a month old. You are very quiet little person, especially when I am holding you. Josh loves to make you happy and he perches next to you when you are crying, poking at you, trying to make you better. It doesn't help much, but you like the company I think. Your eyes are still a fabulous blue with what looks to me like silver streams in the middle around the pupils. You smile when your dad and I rough you up. In that way, you are so much like Josh. I think both of you have pain receptor problems, you think fun has to hurt. I blame your dad completely for that. :) I was really scared to have you in our family. I didn't know if I could handle another one emotionally. Although I may not handle everything perfectly, your little face sure makes it easier. Thank you for being so cuddly and sweet. Your daddy and I love you so much. Everyone in both your daddy's family and mine loves you, and jeepers you have a lot of family. I look forward to watching you grow up, just please, don't grow too fast.

Love, Mama

Monday, November 9, 2009

November is for Gratitude

Tyson and I don't have many traditions yet, but in November we have a thankful list. Each day we write 10 things we are thankful for before we go to bed. We can't repeat anything throughout the whole month, so you would think you have to get creative. But it is amazing, it is so easy to think of a million and a half things I am thankful for.

What is really nice is that it instantly takes away all my gloominess. Being a mom of two is wonderful, the best job in the world, although exhausting and patience-trying. However, the hardest part for me is the lonliness. It is getting easier the older Josh is because he can kind of understand what I am saying (probably a lot more than he lets on), but it is so easy for me to feel alone. It is probably because I am so quick to be negative and to pity myself. So Tyson just left to go back to work and I was sad, then my sunny spot on my bed that is usually there at this time of day, was not, because it is too cloudy. The boys are both asleep, for which I am glad, but the lonliness just sunk in much too deep. So, for some reason, I picked up my journal and decided to write my 10 thankful things. Suddenly, I was smiling and thinking of the good things that have happened today. Let me share with you...

1. Caleb's little hand grip on my finger

2. Alone time

3. Blogging

4. Cold days like this that make me want to cook to keep warm

5. A washer and dryer right in my home

6. Photographs

7. Moments that make up my life (inspired by a quote on Kirsten's blog)

8. Garbage people, I just take my garbage to the big dumpster outside and on Monday morning they come take the stinkiness away

9. Oldies songs that I know by heart

10. Dancing to those songs as I sing the few phrases I know. Josh, Caleb, and I danced to "You are the Woman that I always Dreamed Of," it was so cute! Josh spun in circles and it made him happy when before he was so grouchy.

So, I am thankful for gratitude. Gratitude erases the gluminess. :)