Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas is Coming!!!

So I have been slacking on the posting, but here are my boys in action...or lack of it. :) Yes, Josh did fall asleep in front of the TV. It was so cute. He LOVES the puppy movie (101 Dalmatians). I try not to let him watch TV very much, but when he says "Mama, puppy, puppy Mama, please." It is really hard to say no. :) Caleb, on his 2 month birthday.

Josh and Caleb just love each other. It makes me so happy.

Trying on the cold weather clothes, because...

It is Christmas time, Santa is coming...

and it snowed, a TON. It doesn't really snow here much. The whole town completely shuts down. So, when we heard it was going to snow, we went and got gas and milk (and donuts, cuz you need donuts when it snows). Came back and were trapped. Tyson of course, being his perfectly adorable self wrote this is the snow for me when it first started.

And Josh LOVES the snow. It is so cute.

please take note of Tyson's 3 forts. He is very proud of them. It was so cute watching him play in the snow, it really brings out the kid in you. I was really excited church was cancelled, but then having a Sunday without church was sad, I really missed it. But it was really fun having Tyson with us all weekend.

So, just for your entertainment, this is the funniest thing ever:

So, I can't wait for Christmas. My whole family is on their way right now. My older brother Yance and his wife Kimmy stayed here last night and it was sooo much fun. I laughed and laughed. I feel like a little kid again with all the siblings and Mama and Dad coming. Huzza!

Monday, December 7, 2009

My Kid Loves Santa?

So thanks to Emilie and Logan's fabulous camera, we were able to get this fabulous photo. Josh has been saying "Tanta fly in da sky" but I don't think he really understands. He really is afraid of Santa. I felt so bad because I was laughing so hard and I didn't even take him off Santa's lap. Kenni was the great one and took over the mom role for me. She held him and comforted him. I couldn't stop laughing. Is that bad? :)