Saturday, March 20, 2010

Little People Swimming?

I'm doing the dishes after breakfast and I turn around to see this: I laugh and take a picture. Then I turn back around to see this:
What goes on in a toddler's mind? :)

Jack Crawls

This is for Em.

Photos of my daily life

I often find it weird how I have two little boys that look and act so similar and yet so totally different. Here was a more different day.
We had KK and Ella come and play. It was hilarious and I LOVED it. I think I could handle little girls if they said things like this "I wish, I wish, with all my little heart that I could go to Cami Cooper's house everyday of my life." This is all of them (including Caleb) watching a movie.

Who raised these kids? Honestly...

Tommy, he doesn't like his photo to be taken. Em said I have to catch him unawares, we will try that next time.

This is my hambone, thinking he is smiling. It is so funny.

Just lounging around.

I often find Jack in places like this:

Tommy came with a hat, so Josh had to get one of his own (Daddy's hat). They wore them all day. It was so cute.

My orchids finally bloomed!

My Valentine's present from Tyson. I love that they just last forever.

Driving to church. :)

Me and my little boys.

Tyson and the rascals. I love their faces.

Caleb's 5 month photo shoot

Taken March 10, 2010.