Thursday, October 29, 2009

So I just wanted to thank Chris for taking the above picture of our family hands. He and Kenni are always doing things for us and they are so nice. I also wanted to give credit to them for their talents, so thanks guys. I just love your pictures! And I just love you guys!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Welcome Little Caleb

Tyson was really sweet and wrote on here when we had the baby, but I thought I should write a little more and put up some pictures. We decided to name the little guy Caleb Benjamin. I am kind of biased, but I think he is pretty adorable. Josh is doing really well with him. He is always telling us to be quiet because of the "bebe." :) He loves to give him all of his toys and tries to jump on him, which is seriously terrifying, but I think they are getting used to each other. I didn't sleep much last night, but I am really glad I am able to get out of bed without it killing me so that is nice.

So in case anyone is curious, let me tell you a little about the delivery. I had a doctor's appointment on Friday to make sure the fluid levels were ok, and to check the heart beat and everything. So my mom came with me and Carmel stayed home with Josh. We didn't think it would take very long. :) So the heart beat, the stress test and everything went fine. Then they did an ultrasound to check the fluid and they were really low. So the doctor turns to me and said "congrats, you are having a baby this weekend." I thought he meant, it is a good sign, me going into labor was coming soon. Then he starts giving me paper work and telling me I needed to go check into the hospital and I was like "wait, I'm not going home?" And he says, "Not until you have a baby you don't." He left for a minute to go call the hospital and I broke down because seriously, I was not expecting that. I didn't even kiss little Josh goodbye, I didn't bring my bag, Tyson wasn't even there. Luckily, my mom was and she made me start laughing and she calmed me down fast. She made a few phone calls, postponed her flight, and took me to the hospital. Calling Tyson wasn't easy. "So um, honey, are you ready to have the kid this weekend? Can you come up here?" :) I don't think he was happy at first, it probably scared him, but he left right away.

At the hospital they broke my water and just a few minutes after that Tyson came. I tried to do it all natural, breathing and everything. But, since they had broken my water they didn't want me to stand up because they didn't want the umbilical cord to come first. Sitting on the bed in pain was not easy and soon I gave way and let them give me some pain meds through the IV. But then they told me it was the epidural or nothing, so I took the epidural. Sadly, the anesthesiologist couldn't come for 45 minutes. By some miracle, I made it that long, I thought I was going to die. I am such a wimp. My mom came back (she left a little after Tyson got there to go help Carmel and Kenni with Josh) a little before they gave me the epidural and she stayed the rest of the time. It was really neat having both Tyson and my mom there. They took turns being next to me and helping when I pushed.

Caleb's head was turned and so the doctor took forceps to turn him, then they had to vaccuum him out the rest of the way. I am so glad I was drugged because it ripped and then they had to cut. Yuck, but I would take that anyday over a c-section. It was so neat to be able to hold the little guy afterwards, to have Tyson stay with me, to be awake and alert for as long as I wanted to be. It really was a miracle, the doctor said I was really lucky, that I had "a foot and a half in the operating room." The Lord truly blessed us, thank you everyone for all your prayers. So now I have a wonderful husband and two darling boys. I am so glad. Thanks Mom, Carmel, Kenni and Chris, and all the family in California for letting Mom and Carmel stay longer. Thanks Tyson for doing so much for me, for staying home all week to take care of us.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Baby Geeb

I don't normally post on Cami's blog but she asked me to this morning. Yesterday afternoon she went to the doctor and they told her it was time to have the baby and that she couldn't wait any longer. She and her mom went over to the hospital, checked-in, and a few minutes later the doctor came and broke her water. Within minutes she was having some pretty good contractions. Little, baby Geeb was born VBAC about 11 hours later at 5:35am EDT. He is 19 inches long, weighs 7 lbs 14 ounces, and his head was 14 inches around (the doctor kept making comments about how big his head is, hopefully he is smart). Cami and the baby are doing well. We have not yet chosen his name. We will let everyone know when we do. Thanks for the prayers. Have a wonderful Saturday!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Due already

So today is my official due date. I never thought it would actually come, and I never thought I would actually get here without already having the baby. I'm not sure why because Josh was late, but I guess I just thought this baby would have to come early. We went to the doctor yesterday and all is well with the baby, my body is still not showing many signs of going into labor, but it was better than last week so they are giving me another week without doing a c-section. I am really glad because I was so nervous about that.

The only bad thing about this baby being delayed is that my mom and little sister are here to help out, but they go back on Saturday. I REALLY want to have the baby before they leave. So we went on a long walk yesterday, my mom has been massaging pressure points that are suppose to help, and now I guess I will have to eat spicy food by the spoonful. I hope it helps because I hate spicy food. :) But I am really happy, it has been sooooo much fun having my mom and Carmel here. Josh is loving it too. He wakes up in the morning and sits by my mom's bed and just stares at her until she wakes up. Kind of creepy, but absolutely hilarious.

Oh, yesterday, he put stickers all over my belly and started singing to the baby "bebe, bebe, bebe." It was really cute. I'm excited for this little guy to come!