Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Own Chocolate "Turkey Trot!"

Okay everyone, this is a great and easy way to either get chocolate for yourself, or the perfect chocolate present for family and friends!

Want to earn FREE chocolate? I'm going to host my first "Turkey Trot!" All you need to do is share the Dove Chocolate Discoveries with your friends and family from Nov. 13th-Nov. 27th (when you're already "trotting" around with your family for the holidays), collect $100 in orders and when you turn them into me I'll draw names for some great prizes! That's one $20 order from only 5 people and you can earn great things-no need to host a whole party to get these!! I need 10 friends to participate (out of town and state friends can do this easily too!!) and each person will have the chance to win one of 10 prizes......

1-$75 in FREE chocolate!
2-$50 in FREE chocolate!
3-$25 in FREE chocolate!
4-$25 in FREE chocolate!
5-$25 in FREE chocolate!
6- a half price item and a 6 piece box of caramels
7- a half price item and a 6 piece box of caramels
8- a half price item and a 6 piece box of caramels
9- a half price item and a 6 piece box of caramels
10- Our hostess exclusive Artisan Butter-Almond Toffee and a box of Cinnamon Dusted Almonds

You're sure to win one of these for just a little bit of work, while you're friends and family can get great holiday gifts! Let me know if you're interested!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I bet you all wish you had boys like mine... :)

October has been a busy fun one. Caleb is 2 now, and it was a fun birthday bash with lots of family around, eating pound cake in the shape of a train made especially by Oma. Lots of fun presents (including a homemade fishing pond by Grandma Cooper) and of course the day wouldn't be complete without Josh and Caleb running around outside in hats, jeans and slippers (no shirts of course). I didn't get a picture of Josh, but he was super cute too. Hooray for my middle boy turning 2.

I took lots of fun pictures of Matthew. It was funny, all month I kept thinking "ah, I haven't taken any pictures of Matthew." So I would take some, but apparently that happened a lot because we have a lot of pics now. Hooray for my forgetfulness! :)

Josh LOVES preschool and he has learned to write his name (this was the first time I saw it). Yes, it isn't in order, but still, really cute.

A rare smiling moment. LOVE this kid.

Typical Matthew face.

Joshua outside "raking" in Daddy's sweatshirt. Hehe.

We went to Apple Days in Lexington with Carmel, Ammon and Mom. It is so much easier to do anything when they are around, the boys seriously adore them.

Caleb chowing on applesauce. He licked that cup until there wasn't a drop left.

Skyli's birthday party. Baby parking. :)

Josh and Caleb got to be knights, thanks Skyli!

The only picture we got of the bomb threat experience. We saw a car full of cops run out, chase a guy, bring the kid back with them and take him away. The kid ended up cleared from whatever it was. Kind of crazy, but exciting I guess.

Little handsome Matthew

And then Halloween, my little ghost and pumpkin. Matthew was not really dressed up, he was the baby I stole. :)

Cuz I was a gypsy. (Josh took this picture)

Christmas and Chocolate

Thank you everyone for your orders and support for the catalog party! My next step is to have a candy making party fairly soon after Thanksgiving. That way I can get my Pampered Chef double boiler in time. :) There are a ton of little Christmas candies to make and gifting ideas to share. I will post more about it when I finalize a time, hooray for Christmas and chocolate!!