Monday, June 24, 2013

Hey Little Kicker

Dear Not-Yet-Born Son,

You are not the first kid to be in my womb, so this really isn't anything new for me.  Besides having extreme varicosity, which is kind of lame, I actually am really lucky with how easy pregnancy is for me.  I am not unaccustomed to growing round in the belly, to waking up to rapid kicks and jerks, to craving sugar and mass amounts of food. 

However, you, little one, are WAY more active than your three older brothers.  At least so far.  I have never had my belly jiggle around this much.  Sometimes I feel like I am belly dancing without even trying.  You also love to shove either an elbow, knee or heel (I can't quite tell) right behind my belly button, directly in my side or right below my ribs.  I know you are in a really cramped space, but please, remember I can't give you anymore room.  My skin is stretched to the max, along with my shirts.

I know it isn't time for you to come yet.  34 weeks along, so technically 6 weeks to go.  But just so you are aware, I wouldn't be horribly sad if you came a little early, maybe like a week or so?  That would be great.  I think we would both be happier.  I think, unless you cry a lot, then maybe you should just stay in there.  I don't know if I am ready for the newborn thing yet.  But I'm sure we will both grow to be so uncomfortable during the next month we will go through anything just to have some space.  Your brothers are excited to meet you.  So are me and Daddy.

Love you already,

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