Monday, December 29, 2008

Photos, mostly of Josh of course.

If you look closely, Josh is finally getting hair! It is so funny.
Okay, I know this picture looks horrible, but I thought it was so funny because he woke up screaming and I ran in there and I find him like this. How he managed to get his arm out of his pjs, I'm not sure, so I ran to get the camera and don't worry, I picked him right up afterwards, it was just so funny!

Our tree hunt, I walked right in and saw and said "that is it, I will have no other." I came, I saw, I conquered.

Don't my boys look so cute? We even put Josh in his woodsman hat Bunk gave us especially for the occasion. This was the day Kenni and Chris found out they are prego. Weird and Huzza!

Okay so one of my favorite things about Christmas is the mess after opening presents. I know that sounds weird but I love looking around and it is the one day of the year that a mess means you and the people you love most are having a great time. It is sooo much fun! This is the little mess we made, it was so fun! I can't wait until next year, hopefully we will have another little person to make even more of a mess. This is our beautiful Christmas tree. I picked it out and I have never been prouder of a tree in my life. It is just a few inches taller than me and strung fabulously with fruit loop strands. :) Perfectly edible for little people.

This is our little dude man looking like a hot shot on his little race car, looking like his Uncle KJ. I stinking LOVE this outfit from Tyson's Aunt Judy.

Another shot of Josh in his cute outfit

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Past Month

okay, so it has been way too long since I wrote. And since I am stuck at home feeling completely sick, well, I am feeling way better than the past few days, I decided I should finally write something. Here are some of the going-on's of the past month:
-Christmas was wonderful! Tyson and I couldn't wait for Josh to wake up so we could set him in front of the Christmas tree and have him open all his presents. He was scared at first because we had been telling him not to for so long, but after a few presents, he was tearing them open and shaking and panting like a dog, he was so excited for each one. It is way more fun on Christmas with kids!
-Two days ago we went to the temple, and although I used an entire roll of toilet paper blowing my nose on the 7 hour drive there and back, I was so glad we went. Tyson was able to go in and do an endowment session for my Great-Grandpa Charles who was married to Mary Claire (my namesake). Tyson came out so happy, it was wonderful. And Josh and I got to hang out in the visitor's center until the lights came on (gorgeous!), and I also got to see Sister Katie Hamblin from my high school days, pretty neat.
-I finished my photo class a few weeks ago. I am sad not to have a class with Kenni, but I am really glad I don't have that stress anymore. It was a really fun class and I didn't realize until after the class ended just how much I had actually learned.
-I lost my job. This probably was the hardest thing for me because I absolutly love the family I babysat for. I am still not quite sure if they didn't need me anymore because their situation changed, or because they didn't like me as a babysitter, but I hope it was more of the first. :) However, Tyson and I did give them the "Joy to the World" DVD and a Book of Mormon for Christmas, and that was a really wonderful experience for me, and hopefully for them as well.
-Little Josh is cruising all over the place now and babbling constantly about something, I'm pretty sure he mostly talks about how much he wants food. :)
-My cell phone and our DVD player on the lap-top (we don't have a TV, nor do we want one) both broke, so we have been a little technology challenged as late.
-And, probably coolest of all, my brother Yance and his wife, Kimmy were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple on the 20th. I wasn't able to be there but I heard it was wonderful and amazing and I am so happy for them.

And many other things happened, mostly just fun and wonderful things. I have to run because Josh is waking up and the poor guy isn't feeling good either. Love you all and Merry (late) Christmas!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Butter Making and Birthday Celebrating

So this past few weeks have been crazy busy, and looking at our calander and the thousands of Christmas parties we have, it is only going to get busier. I'm glad, as much as I'm a home person, I love to be with other people, especially to celebrate something like Christmas. Well, so we had a great Thanksgiving. We didn't have food poisoning (Tyson and mine first Thanksgiving experience together), and I wasn't 9 months pregnant like last year, plus we got to eat with Kenni and Chris and Chris's cousin, Whitney. Bunk and I divided up the cooking and so not only was it fun, I had it easy. Tyson and Josh made butter together, and it was so cute. Josh is really loving being with Tyson and it is so cute to see the change and the love deepen in our little family over the past year. Then, this past Saturday, little Josh had his first birthday. True, he probably had no idea what we were all excited about, but he loved it. Kenni made him a cupcake cake that looked like "Swampy" the alligator, and it looked soooo cute! Josh dug into that thing before we even started singing. He absolutly loved the frosting, as you can tell by his face. Oh, and he loves to glare at people. Tyson taught him to, and everyone keeps encouraging him, which isn't always great because now he glares at random people, especially at church. Well, I don't know how to undo that, especially since it is so funny. But I love having a one year old. He sure is crazy and so much fun!