Monday, November 12, 2012

Gotta Love This Age

So I posted some pictures of Caleb's preschool kiddos, but none of Josh's.  Caleb's preschool meets at the mom's houses, every few weeks we switch off.  It works really great for that age.  But Josh is a lot older (2 years makes a big difference right now).  So thankfully several other moms and I got together and we found a guy that lets us use part of his building for us to have preschool in.  The kids love it, having a "school" to go to and these kids are a riot.  Last year, Josh was the youngest in his class, this year he is the oldest.  And I'm pretty sure he is thriving.  He loves the girls especially.  Like father like son I guess.  :)  These pictures are priceless.  I love these kids.

I mean, the age is just so awesome.  Everything is funny, especially stuff like "death" and "killing" and "boogers."  So gross.  Especially boys.  But I love it.  I helped in Josh's church class on Sunday and I about died I was trying so hard not to laugh.  Their teacher is awesome and was telling them all about Jesus and how he was resurrected for us.  The kids you could tell were listening, but in their own special way. 

Teacher: "And when Jesus died-"
One boy pretends to slit his throat.
Another slowly slinks to the floor making a horrible groaning noise.
Another (not saying this child was mine) stretches his arms out and asks if Jesus died on the cross "like this."
One girl is busy scribbling away on paper.  Who knows what she is drawing.
Another little boy climbs up on the window sill and curls up to take a nap.

Hilarious.  Seriously.  I love kids.  There is nothing as amusing as watching them.  Wouldn't you agree?

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Clown faces

Josh came home from church last week and showed me what he learned about.  It was very precious how he gave each one of face, but a little creepy.  Gotta love child artwork.


This is how easy my life would be if I had an iphone.  :)

What a Hoot

For Caleb's preschool, I had the kids make little owls.  It was super easy, just an empty toilet paper roll, folding over on top and taped.  They cut cupcake liners glued on, with some construction paper eyes and beak.  The kids loved it and I loved their different eyes.  So precious!

October Part 2

Haunted Houses, they did it all by themselves, it was so cute!
 Matthew and blueberries and milk.  He eats SOOO much and always makes a huge mess.
 Caleb's haunted house.
 While Mom and Dad Cooper were here, Tyson and Dad rebuilt the carport.  The boys had WAY too much fun "helping" and it was so much fun seeing Tyson working doing manly things.  He is just so stinking attractive.

 Caleb and Dad Cooper napping.
 Josh and Logan playing.

 After a long day of "helping" with the carport, Caleb passed right out.
 Caleb got a new big wheel for his birthday, but Matthew has totally claimed it as his own.  He just stared at it with his mouth wide open for the first five minutes and hasn't left it alone since.  :)
 Carport progress.
 3 generations of hard workers.
 Mmmmm.  See what I mean?

 Halloween.  Caleb was Woody.
 Josh was Captain America with a cool homemade shield by Grandma.

 Josh hanging out with Andrew, Logan's older brother.  Josh adores him.
 Halloween, Matthew was a chicken.  Hilarious and totally adorable.
 And Logan was a clown.  They were so cute!!  And I totally love the parent candy tax.
 Halloween crash.  We found Josh behind his dresser asleep.
 View from the carport.  I am so lucky, we live in such a perfect place.  I have such a perfect life.  I was sitting up here with Tyson as he finished roofing and I thought to myself, this is the view the angels have of our place.  It just gave me a different perspective and it made me ever more thankful for the life I have.  Gorgeous part of the world we live in.  Like that song though "the best view in from my front porch looking in."  :)

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

October part 1

So I have TONS of pictures, because I don't write enough and pictures help me remember what goes on in our lives.  Plus anytime the boys feel cute they go "Mom, take a picture of this, k?"

 Tyson's brother, Zach, was super nice and sent Tyson lots of Guarana (spelling?), a kind of soda they have in Brazil that Tyson had on his mission and LOVES.  So this is Tys and the boys celebrating.  So fun!  Thanks Zach, you totally made Tyson's week!
 The boys with Aunt Carmel, discovering the coolness of ring pops.  :)
 Taking notes during General Conference.  The boys wanted to make notebooks to take "notes" in which means drawing tons of pictures.  It was really cute.  I am so glad we have loud speakers too so we could hear conference over the babbling of little ones.  They get so excited to hear from the prophet too.  "It's President Monson!  Hooray!"  They also love Elder Bednar and President Uchdorf extra amounts too. 
 Before his first hair cut.
 We went to Apple Day at the Stonewall Jackson House.  They always have lots of fun crafts and games.  Caleb we have discovered LOVES artsy stuff.  And he takes it very seriously.  Note his tongue.  :)

 Matthew is finally getting used to wearing shoes.  My friend, Kate, sent him the cutest shoes, her style is awesome.  They are the only ones Matthew can walk in.  :)
 Josh dressing up a scarecrow.  Love the Confederate hat.  My Grandma would have been proud.

 Mom and Dad Cooper were here visiting for a few weeks.  It was so nice to have them here and we had lots of fun.  We wore them out pretty good too.  Three boys are bound to do that. 
 They brought marshmallow guns for the boys.  If you don't know what that is, I will have to take closer pics and post them.  It is awesome.  The marshmallows can leave welts.  Mom Cooper is brutal and the boys and Tys had tons of fun running around the yard trying not to get shot.  Hilarious!
 Josh "reading" his scriptures and marking them just like his Daddy.  So cute. 
More to come!

Caleb's party