Thursday, June 20, 2013

My Handiman

So roughly a year ago we were having a lot of car trouble.  At the randomest times the car just wouldn't start.  It was HORRIBLE!  I hate not being able to rely on our car.  One of those times happened to be at the grocery store, it was a pretty warm day, I was by myself with all three boys and TONS of groceries in the car.  I was so mad at our van.  Oh man, I was mad.  I called Tyson and the poor guy couldn't do anything to help.  He was stuck at work and we only have the one car, so it isn't like he could come get me.
The Lord was really watching over me that day, and I had just seen one of my friends and her husband.  So I called her and her husband came running out, pulled his car by ours to jump our car.  Well, neither of us knew much about how to jump a car.  I mean, I had gotten way more practice than I wanted in the few weeks before that, but still, I was far from a pro.  So we hooked up the cables and I went to start our car and I heard a large "POP!"  That is when I noticed the smoke coming from their car.  We quickly turned off their vehicle and realized whoever had put the battery in their car had put it in backwards so the black knob was with the positive end instead of the negative end.  So I almost killed their car and ours.  Thankfully we switched the cords and our car started right up.
However, that loud pop, killed our radio/stereo.  It was the saddest thing.  We haven't been able to use it since.  For almost a whole year.  So then the other day, Tys watches a youtube video about how to take apart a car stereo to find the fuse, and he whips out his tools, finds the fuse, buys a new one, and replaces it, all in about 10 minutes.  It was AWESOME!!!
Now our stereo works like nothing was ever wrong.  I love that I have a husband who is incredible and knows how to fix all the things I mess up.  :)  I just love being married to this guy.

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