Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stream of Concious Basically

Life has been busy lately, so busy I really shouldn't be writing this, I should be doing something I can only do while the kids are sleeping, but oh well. I have been blog surfing, looking at all sorts of people's blogs, and most of them are about fashion, or decorating for some reason. I think it is interesting how different each of us are. When we were trying to decide what colors to paint in our new home, I got TONS of advice, all of which was different. It was nice, but I can't handle a ton of choices and I had a meltdown (that isn't something new). The wonderful Tyson said that I needed to stop worrying about it, I should do what I wanted, what I thought was pretty and stop worrying about everyone else. So I did, and I am so happy with what I picked. It isn't crazy and modern, or old fashioned, or anything, it is just simple Cami, and I am happy with it, really happy with it. I love that I get to make my home look however I want. Sometimes I see other people's houses, especially the newer married couples, where everything has a cute cubby and all the furniture matches and you can tell they somehow had money to buy it all and I get jealous. But then I think, I wouldn't want my own house like that anyway so why do I care? I like that my house is simple, I'm really excited for everything to get taken out of boxes and put away. :) I have been feeling kind of...not depressed, but melancholy, not quite myself lately. And this morning I woke up happy, and it is such a different feeling. It is so refreshing to be happy, to love life the way it is. I don't really know what I am saying, I just needed to write a bit, just to say that I am feeling happy and it feels good. I know it is the Lord that is helping me to feel this way, and His way is such a better way. I am so thankful we are all different and He loves me no matter what Cami I am being.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Okay, so Kenni just emailed this to me and it is beautiful! or this one I want my little girls to be dancers. I have danced my whole life, and once when I was younger in my dance class I did a big old leap during a recital and I felt like I was a bird and light and flying. I will never forget that moment and music like this reminds me of dancing so this second one is awesome. Enjoy!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Moving on...

So I am trying really hard to get used to the thought of living somewhere different. At least twice a day we go to "the new house." And I love walking across the little steps from the carport to the front door. I love that there is a glass/screen door, I love that I have a key and I can walk in whenever I want. I love that I get to make that home mine. It is weird though. I have walked up 23 steps (I think that is how many there are) to our apartment pretty much everyday (somedays I don't leave) for almost 3 years. I brought my little boys home from the hospital here, I learned how to be a stay at home mom here. Tyson and I have had spitting competitions off the balcony and watched fireworks, jets, sunsets, and thunderstorms hundreds of times. I will miss looking out the window and seeing Leo and Ethnie making faces at Josh. I will miss running over to Becca's for no reason except that I need to get out of the house. It will be weird not hearing Gentry's video games and Christy singing or giggling. I will really miss our warm summer evening talks with anyone and everyone that is roaming around outside. It will be weird to have someone else live here. There are a lot of things I am really excited about, but it feels weird to abandon the home we have made and make a new one somewhere else. It is like those empty nests you find in a tree, or fallen on the ground. Some bird worked so hard making it, sometimes with little scraps of the randomest things, and then when they don't need it, they just...move on.

Monday, April 12, 2010


I said "Josh, make a funny face." Apparently he didn't get it. :) Caleb's summer hat. He looks very cute in it I think.
The final cake I made from my cake decorating class. It was so much fun!

"Caleb e Josh in de bucket"

Josh New House

Here we are, starting a new adventure! Josh and Kelso looking out the front bay window.

Tyson enjoying the roof. :)
Back of the house
Upstairs bathroom, there are things (some curtains, wall colors) that we are going to change. :) But overall, I love the character of the house. It is just so interesting and very me I think.

Josh LOVES his new house. He hates to leave it whenever we take a load of stuff over. He runs all over the place, the yard especially. It makes me so happy.


Dining Room, we are painting this one for sure. I will post the changes when the happen.

Front room, I love that it has a fireplace.

Front view, sorry the sun in setting behind it. If you look close you can see Josh running through the yard.

There you have it, the Lord has really blessed us. I just love it and it is so perfect in so many ways. Now to paint and then move in!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter Photos

We had a fun Easter egg hunt with Tommy and Josh as the only kids that could walk. :) Vial Photography :) took some pretty awesome photos and they are just perfect. I love little kids when they are looking for sugar. Tommy would grab an egg, open it, eat the contents, then run around and enjoy himself and Josh was all for sticking as many eggs in his "blue bucket" that he possibly could. It was so much fun to watch, so enjoy!


We bought a house!!! We closed on it today and I am so excited about it. I will post pictures when I take them!!!!!!!!!!!! Huzza for house having!