Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Little Moments

Today has been a good day.  The boys are still themselves, sometimes cranky, sometimes having a great time playing with each other, but I guess my attitude is better.  My little sister, Carmel, has been hanging out with us too and it has been nice to have someone else for them to harass and an adult (or "a dolt" as Caleb says it) to talk to.

But all through out the day, I have had little moments where time just seems to be a little more special.  You know what kind of moment I am talking about?  The kind where you catch yourself watching your little one and they don't know you are watching them and you see their cute little hands playing with a toy and see their little lips mouthing something to themselves.  Those moments that you wish could stand still for a little longer.  The one where you really wish you could take a picture of and somehow hold all that meaning and feeling you have in your heart show in the photo too?  The one moment that you know might fade away from your mind, but it is those moments that make you really glad you have the life you do?

I was watching little Matthew play outside, he sat in a purple chair, babbling to himself.  In just two months he won't be my baby anymore, he will have to be a big brother.  He won't be sleeping in a crib or sitting in a high chair.  Josh will be in Kindergarten and so he will probably be Caleb's new playmate and the baby will be the one bugging them.

I went outside to hang out with the little guy and when I turned around to look at the house there was Caleb playing in front of the window with tons of duplo blocks.  I noticed his hands are losing their pudginess and his building abilities are amazing.  He and Josh create all kinds of amazing towers and creations.  He glanced up right then and saw me smiling at him, he gave me a cute little smile back then went back to playing.

Yup, I really wish I had a camera in my head, that I can take pictures and print them out so I can remember those moments.  I forget so much, but I don't want to forget the little moments that I love so much.

I am so glad they grow up, because I know I couldn't last long with a newborn or a tempter tantrum crazy, or a moody-I-don't-want-to-go-to-sleep child, but still, I can't believe how quickly they go from tiny and chubby, so tall and lanky and talkative and bossy and don't need me for everything.

I just love the little moments I have with my little guys.

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