Saturday, June 8, 2013

New Routine for the New Me

I am queen of sitting around in my pajamas all day long.  I don't believe in doing more laundry than I have to, so why get dressed?  And showering is really just a waste of water too, that is why I don't bathe myself or my children more than absolutely necessary.  I also have about as much hair on my head as a horse's mane, maybe even thicker.  So, washing that and then dealing with either the 36 hours of wet hair after that or taking an hour and a half to dry it and then actually make it look like something other than a giant puff ball, well, it really isn't my cup of tea.  Plus, I have no time for that, I have no idea how women do make time to shower every day.  My kids wake up around 6am, there is no way I am waking up before that.  And once they go to bed, well, I hit the couch and there is no removing my rolly polly mass until the clock stricks twelve.

Okay, so that is kind of how I was living, with a little bit of exaggeration...but not much.  So about half a month ago, I couldn't take myself anymore.  I was SOOOOO tired and felt gross and I'm sure I had a distinct odor.  I decided if the boys needed a routine to stop being so whiny and lazy, so did I.

So there are a few things I make sure to accomplish every morning before 10am if I can.

1. I get dressed.  This is huge.  I actually have a bra on before lunch time.  It is weird.  My kids used to ask where we were going if I got dressed.  That is just sad.  I had no idea getting dressed first thing in the morning would really make such a big difference.  I feel human.  And not nearly as embarrassed if we have early visitors.

2. I read my scriptures and pray.  When Josh was born, years and years ago, I started getting into the habit of reading at least something in my scriptures every morning.  Luckily, that is a habit that has stuck.  It really helps me be nicer and keep myself in check through out the day.  I think it helps me intellectually too, since it sometimes is the only thing I read all day long (minus funny quotes on Pinterest).  Praying by myself though, is not a habit.  I pray with Tyson morning and night and we pray as a family and at dinner, but by myself, nope.  Mostly that is because actually being by myself is well, a rarity.  I go to one room and they all follow.  I really think I am going to film it one of these days.  It is insane.  It is like I have some catnip tied to my back and the little kittens just trot after me.  I go outside, so do they, I quickly slip back in the door, then they follow...anyways, you get the idea.  So I am really trying to force myself to pray, even if I have little visitors I just ask them to be quiet for a few minutes.  It doesn't always work and usually a large meltdown happens just when I actually feel like my heart is in the prayer, but it is helping.  I forgot what a lift praying can bring, and how it can actually feel like I am talking to an adult.  So nice.

3. I take my iron pill.  About a month ago, the doctor called after I got some blood work done and told me I was pretty anemic, that is probably because I never take my vitamins.  So I am still really bad about taking my vitamins, but at least I take my iron pill.  Hopefully now I won't almost bleed to death after I have the baby.  That would be bad.  Plus, Tyson calls it my happy pill.  It might be psychological, but I have a lot more energy and am way nicer when that pill is consumed.

4. I do the dishes.  We don't have a dishwasher, well we do, it's me.  Some people really like doing the dishes at night and then waking up to a nice clean sink.  Well, that isn't me.  Like I said, once the kids are in bed, I am pretty much done being productive.  So the dishes get done in the morning.  It usually makes me tidy up the kitchen a bit too, and then I have the rest of the morning to enjoy at least a part of the house that is slightly less chaotic.

5. I write.  Writing for me is like exercising for some people.  It is a release, it pumps me up.  I feel so much better after I write.  Especially because it usually makes me think things through and see things in a more positive light.  So I either write in my journal or here on my blog. 

There is my list.  And the last few weeks have gone a lot better.  I still don't shower every day, but at least it is more than twice a week.  I do more laundry, but it is worth it to feel a little better about myself all day.  My next few things to add to my list is actually do something with my hair and brush my teeth, and maybe exercise.  Any other ideas?  Oh, and I am working on really spending quality time with my kids sometime during the day too, but for now, getting myself out of my sluggish state was my goal.  Now to do something really productive with my life...

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