Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas with the Coops

Just warning you now, there are a lot of photos. This is mostly for our families since we didn't get to be with them this year.

Twas the night before the night before the night before Christmas... :) We had Tommy, Jack, Emilie and Logan over for our annual Christmas cookie making.

Tommy and Josh, dying to eat the dough

Logan, Tyson and Josh cookie cutting.

Santa and his helper...haha

Okay, from here on the pictures are a little jumpled. They are all Christmas day, and I would like to ask you all to not pay too much attention to the early morning Cami. Tyson was taking pictures and loves to have me in them. He is the best ever, but I am making some pretty good sleepy looks. Just look at the kids, not me. Deal?
Above: Caleb sporting sweet hat from Aunt Katie and Uncle Josh. Below: Tyson and Josh chilling.
Haha, this is Josh and Caleb sitting on their huge present of a kitchen.
Tyson's fabulous light display, sorry for the blurriness. The lights were really pretty, I miss them.

Santa's doing. Pretty sweet, I must say.

We got Tyson a projector, one of his top three must haves in life. :) I just have the yacht to get and then he's good.
He is so perfectly adorable.

Tyson MADE me my present. It is this cute little snowman family out of clay. He did a really good job. I am laughing, because well, it is so life like. :)
Caleb totally wins best faces for the blog.
Soft blocks from Oma and Pops. So cool.

He got a banana in his stocking, his favorite.

duck whistle

I am so stoked we have one of these now.
The boys thought the projector was pretty cool.

Opening the big kitchen.
The traditional card wall. I love the painting, thanks Dad.
Tyson, Josh and Caleb all got matching shirts, so I had them wear them for our Christmas dinner with the Davis, Graves and DeSpain families. Poor Tyson got teased, but they looked like such cute woodsmen!


Random Photos from December

One of Tyson's favorite things to do to the boys, socks on their hands, pants on their head. Never gets old. :)
Josh is very proud of his helping make his snack: apples, peanut butter, topped with raisens.

It is freezing outside, but they didn't care, neither did I. I was pretty ready to get them out of the house. :)

Caleb and Josh enjoying Caleb's new ark from Oma.

Boys in a blanket.

Santa left a present...

The littlest elf

Josh fell asleep on Tyson's lap. So cute.
Josh's first day of Sunbeams. We couldn't find the matching tie, plus he wouldn't wear it if we did. But they are both studs.

We had Tommy and Jack over yesterday. This is what happens when four little boys build a fort. Apparantly they had to be sectioned off from each other, but right next to each other. Crazy kids. Tommy is showing off his Buzz Lightyear.

That's our random craziness.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Chocolate Challenge

Happy New Year everyone!

So I have a sweet idea/opportunity for everyone reading this (anyone in the US that is). During the month of January Dove is selling a box of 24 super amazing chocolates (flavors like dark chocolate mousse, cheesecake, cinnamon roll, each covered in either dark, milk or white chocolate). The box will be sent directly to whomever you want during the week of Valentine's Day. I think it is a wonderful present to give someone, but it needs to be purchased before the end of January so that it can be processed and shipped in time. The box is $39.00 (which includes shipping). If you want to purchase it, just let me know.

Or, if you would rather not spend money, but want to save it, I have a bit of a fun challenge for you. If you can get 14+ orders of this box of chocolate (from friends, neighbors, relatives, etc.), then you can get an awesome pink fondue kit (shown above, worth $30), $80+ in free dove merchandise, and several half off items. All of this and you don't have to spend a thing. I think it is a really neat opportunity that Dove Chocolate Discoveries is doing, and a sweet way to get free chocolate that you can give to your special someone, or eat for yourself. :) Let me know if you want to participate and I will give you more info ( Thanks and enjoy this wonderful day!