Friday, February 27, 2009

Baby Names

If it is a girl we are thinking Isilee. We like Claire, Constance and Sarah for a middle name. I mean, I know we don't even know if it is a girl yet, or what it even looks like. But I love the name Isilee Sarah, I'm not sure why, I think because it sounds like a little princess, but a good, sweet, little princess.

If it is a boy...I don't know. Tyson and I are really big 'Boy Meets World' fans, so maybe Cory Matthew, what do you think? Hehe, just kidding, well, kind of. I am really bad with boy names, I can't ever think of any. My brother Yance made me promise not to use Thor, Bron, Gideon and Gidgiddonah (I don't think that is a problem for me) and Kenni and Chris have dibs on Darwin, so just so you know, those are crossed out on our list. :) Any ideas? Don't worry, you have seven months. Haha.

In Search for Easter Puffs

Okay, so last year at about this time, I was in Washington for Kenni and Chris's wedding. I stayed with the in-laws for a few days and in their freezer, what did they have? Easter puffs. I tried one and since then I have been hooked. Only problem is, they only have them during Easter time. So I have been dying for them to come out on the shelves of stores. I am not even a huge Little Debbie fan, but these, wow, are amazing if frozen. So Tyson drove me all around town yesterday and we searched every store and alas, although they are in Washington already, they are not here. I think I shall put on mourning. Haha, just kidding, but seriously, I want some...and soon. :)
P.S.- Mom Cooper, we did buy Josh Yogos, never fear.

Monday, February 16, 2009

My Valentine

So Valentine's Day was kind of crazy, but really fun. Tyson and I went up to the temple while Chris and Kenni were so nice to watch our little munchkin. Since the drive is 3 hours up to the temple and 3 hours back, Tyson and I always get a lot of conversation in and I love getting to know him better. I think it is so funny that there is so much I still don't know about him. We usually end up talking about memories with our families, or our past significant others, or talking about our future together. We always dream we will live in this huge gorgeous mansion on a big farm out in the country somewhere. Tyson pictures the mansion a lot bigger than I picture it, I'm pretty sure. Especially since the first thing I think of is cleaning it. :) But Tyson is always so sure that we will be filthy rich someday. I still have mixed feelings about whether I want to be or not, but I know that if Tyson wants it, he does whatever he needs to do to get it. Like me for example. Let's talk about that story, it is my favorite.

We met on January 6, 2006. My friend, Ryan, told me and a few of my friends that he had just gotten a new roommate and we could come over and meet him if we wanted to. We went over to check him out, not for ourselves, but we wanted to see if he would go well with one of our other friends. So I met Tyson and turns out he already had two girlfriends, one in Utah and one here. But he was nice and funny and I found out he was from the same place that KJ, my brother, served his mission. But I didn't think much about him. I had a missionary, and my mission papers were all filled out, I was just waiting for April 2 so I could submit them. Well, at the end of the month, my friends and I wanted to go do baptisms at the temple, but we needed more Priesthood holders to come with us. So we invited Tyson and his girlfriend. Well, she couldn't come, but Tyson did. We drove a few hours Friday night and stopped at our friend, Luke's parents house for the night. The whole time Tyson and I pretended we were married (I'm not sure why, I often liked to play that game with guys, I would just call them husband, so really it wasn't a big deal, I don't know why I was that way). So we had a great time at the temple the next day and Tyson and I held hands for a few seconds because everyone told us to for this picture they were taking. It was really funny and just a joke, but I found myself always looking to see where Tyson was and what he was doing and who he was talking to. I just couldn't help myself. The whole drive home we sat in the back seat and just talked the whole way. He told me about the "dear John" he got on his mission and I told him about my missionary and how I felt about him and how I was going to go on a mission. He asked me why I wanted to go and I didn't know. I really wanted to serve the Lord, but I think the real reason I was going was because I wanted to prove I could, and because I thought that is what my missionary wanted me to do.
That following Monday, Tyson dumped his girlfriends and asked me out that Thursday for the next day. So we went on a date every night after that. Until Valentine's Day when Tyson went way out of his way. He decorated my room in hearts, wrote me poems that he put in my books for each class that day, and then that night took me on a walk/picnic. It was perfect. And we were wrapped up in a blanket (it was freezing!) sitting on the bleachers and he asked me if he could kiss me, but instead of responding I just kissed him. The rest of the night I swung from being totally giddy happy and feeling guilty that I had betrayed my missionary, again. But Tyson told me that he would steal me away from all my other plans, and I didn't believe him.
A week later he told me he loved me and I knew that I loved him too. It was so weird that it happened so fast. He made me feel happier, prettier, better than I had ever felt in my whole life. He still does. A few weeks later, on March 15, I realized I not only could, but I wanted to marry Tyson. So I called him and told him that, then I hung up the phone. Later that night, Tyson proposed to me, and I said yes and that I wanted a secret engagement. Which lasted for like 5 minutes since I can't keep secrets worth beans.
Every Valentine's after that had been really special for us, mostly because of our memories and that our first Valentine's was the day I really made a choice that I didn't want to just date this guy, and he really went way out of his way to show me he liked me and that I was worth all the trouble. So this Saturday, he snuck away while I was babysitting and got me flowers (mostly because he didn't want me to be sad, but they are really pretty) and he wrote me a poem which is my favorite.

"To My Valentine. :)

My heart, my life, my friend, my wife.
My woman, my love, my gift from above.

To you, for you, I write these short lines.
From our first February I have written poetry in your Valentine's.

My words are awkward, my love is great.
With you I would love to ice skate.

Your forever I will always be,
with cookies, flowers, and frisbees.

I love you!!

Tyson :) "

Isn't that just hilarious and precious? I don't know why I am writing all of this, I highly doubt anyone will really read it. But it just makes me so happy that I have someone that is still so in love with me. The Lord has blessed me so much! And now not only do I have him, but a little minature Tyson and maybe a minature me in lets see...7 months and 2 weeks. :)