Monday, March 31, 2014

My Growling Tiger

It still amazes me not just how different each of my children is, but how different each experience raising them is.  Even just little Andrew, who is almost 8 months old, the whole 8 months have been so different than the first 8 months of my other 3 boys. 

I remember Caleb was the SWEETEST baby.  Seriously, just adorable, this tiny face, big blue eyes, and was just a smiley little lump.  He slept great, eat great, was a little lazy, but just happy and content with life.  We moved when he was about six months old, and he just laid around, watching us pack things up, no big deal.  You give him his pacifier and he was happy as a clam.  Until he turned 2, and well, then he gained an opinion.  But until then, man, it was a breeze.  I had to remind myself to feed him because he just didn't cry much.

Well, Andrew...not so much.  I seriously felt like there were month stretches where he just didn't stop crying or whining or just looked plain miserable.  We would get glimpses of what we hoped was his real self, it would last a day, maybe two, and then he was back to cranky Gus.

Don't get me wrong, we still adored him and loved him.  But it wasn't always easy to like being around him.  Mostly because it broke my heart, I didn't know what else to do.  But seriously, the last few weeks, the last month really (minus a few days here and there when the teething has got him to be a bit of a monster), the kid is doing great.  And maybe it is because of the prior rough months, but the kid is the CUTEST thing ever!  He giggles and growls and just has round, shiny cheeks that make me want to kiss and kiss him. 

Tonight he woke up right as the kids were finally going to bed (and by going to bed, I mean actually taking Tyson and I seriously and really staying in bed).  I got him out of his crib and fed him and then changed him.  He of course, rolled over as soon as I let him and tried to crawl away.  His crawl right now kind of resembles...well, I don't know, but he gets on his hands and knees, pumps back and forth and then lunges as far as he can, landing flat on his belly, then army crawls a few times and then starts the process over again.  Seriously hilarious and adorable.  And he makes this terrifying growling noise the whole time like he is coming for some prey and trying to warn them.  I don't know, maybe you just have to see it and hear it for yourself.

So I had to get on the floor and play with the little growling tiger.  He just giggled and I don't even know how to say it.  But it just made my heart feel full to see the little man cub so happy.  And to top it off, he gained half a pound in the last week, so the doctors and me aren't nearly as worried.  So thankful for answered prayers and that the Lord continually guides me so I can find out what my kids need to help them best.  (Apparently it was multi-grain cereal for babies, worked like a charm).

I just had to write and say how grateful I am for my happy baby.  I feel crazy good inside when my kids are happy.  Just saying.