Sunday, November 23, 2014

Night time Cooper Quotables

I don't know if some days are actually funnier than others, or if I just actually listened to my kids for a change today.  But today was full of funny sayings.  So get ready for this.

During scripture reading (we are in the Book of Mormon, in Alma) we are reading about being Jesus's sheep because we don't want to be Satan's sheep, so we need to listen to Jesus.

Tyson: "So Caleb (who is flipping through his scriptures humming to himself), who is the Good Shepherd?"
Caleb: "Jesus."
Tyson and I make eye contact with eye brows raised.  Either good guess or he was actually listening.
Tyson: "Good, and Joshua, who are the sheep?"
Josh: "Us."
Eye contact again.  Wow, two for two.
Tyson: "Matthew, so whose sheep do we want to be?"
Matthew: "Um, not Jesus, I think maybe that other guy."
Tyson has to hide his face behind his scriptures to keep his laughter from being seen.
Caleb: "Matthew, no! You can't follow Satan.  He is bad and mean."
Josh: "And yeah, then you will go to Hell!"
Matthew: "Yeah, me go there.  Me like that place."
It took a good five minutes for us to correct the situation once Tyson and I finally calmed our laughter. Hopefully we convinced Matthew that we would rather he choose to follow Jesus.  But who knows.

Then, we finally get the kids tucked in and Tyson and I go in the next room to clean up a bit and I suddenly catch a bit of a conversation between Josh and Caleb, so Tyson and I start listening in.

Caleb: "Tomorrow, at preschool, I am going to convince Allie to go into the army so we can be together.  We can get married and be in the army together.  But then once we have kids, I would like her to stay home."
Josh: "Yeah, it is good for girls to stay home with kids.  They do lots of stuff."
Caleb: "Yup."
Josh: "Yeah, like moms always talk on the phone and stuff.  Then when their kids are noisy they yell, 'Guys! Knock it off, I am trying to talk on the phone!' But that is what happens when you have boys because boys are crazy.  They aren't even bored, they run around and get really hyper.  Girls get bored all the time though.  Boys are more fun.  But they are crazy."

Then they all proceeded to make animal noises and all intellectual conversation disappeared.  But man it was funny while it lasted.  However, I do wonder when, if ever, my boys will see any of the actual work that I do.  Oh well, at least it makes for funny stories.