Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Drive In

I love this area that we live in for so many reasons: the rain storms, the greenness, the smell of spring, the colors in the fall, the cute little birds, the golden color of the sun in the summer, the rolling hills, the southern hospitality, the slow pace of life, I just love it.  There isn't a ton to do in this area though, the closest place to go bowling is almost an hour away.  So you have to get creative most of the time or you sit at home like we do sometimes and let Netflix take over your life.  :)
But just a short drive away is one of the few Drive-in's left in the country.  That is another thing I love about this place.  We go at least a few times every summer.  I have gone pregnant many times and even with little babies.  That isn't easy, especially when they start screaming and everyone is trying to hear the movie.  But it is still totally worth it.
So we went on Friday.  There ended up being several of our friends there, plus my little brother, Ammon, and my little sister, Carmel, came with us.  We had a blast.  The kids played and played for the few hours before the movies started and we talked and hung out.  I even raced Josh and his friend Ethnie once, but my belly bouncing up and down was a little too funny for me to handle anymore racing.
My friend, April, was there and took some awesome pictures of us, so I will share them with you, cuz who doesn't love these cute kids?  I do, that is for sure.  I also think it is hilarious my boys have such personalities:  Caleb didn't want his picture taken, so we had to trick him into it, Josh was eating something in every shot and Matthew can't seem to make a normal face, he is such a ham.  But as you can see from Tyson's picture, they get it from him.  :)  Love love love my boys.

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