Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Portraits of our Cuties

We love to go visit our "Daddy Guy" at work. We go at least a few times a week and I'm sure it drives everyone else crazy, so we try to go after most people have left for the day. Well, the other day we went and Tyson was showing us the ID card machine and needed some practice for family pictures. So the boys LOVED it and the pictures were so stinking cute! Enjoy these pictures of the cutest boys in the world!

Monday, July 11, 2011


The first week of July is a crazy celebration week in our home. The 2nd is my birthday, the 4th is Tyson's, and the 8th is our anniversary. Not to mention the actual 4th of July celebrations and fireworks that go on. I think it is a tie between Christmas in excitement for me. I LOVE it! Sorry there are hardly any pictures, I haven't been great about taking them.

So first off, my birthday was a lot of fun. Tyson was super nice to make it a great day. I was super moody and grouchy for some bizarre reason, but it was a great day. The boys (Josh really) picked out these beautiful orange daisies to get me (the picture is below) and Tyson got me EL Fudges, my favorite currently. He took me and the boys to McDonald's for breakfast. It is a weird thing for me, I love the hot cake breakfast. My Mom and Dad used to take us as a special treat when we were kids. There were so many of us it was expensive so we didn't get to go very often, but I love those memories. So Tyson always takes me for special times because I still love it. Then, adorable husband that he is, threw a surprise party for me. The Davis's were awesome and were waiting in our house for us. The rest of our friends couldn't come because they were either out of town or just had a baby (which also, was a totally cool birthday present). Tyson made me a brownie cheesecake, super yummy and took him forever, it was super complicated. Then he made me homemade ice cream and we played battleship and Yahtzee that night. It was basically a party day, I loved it. Tons of people called me and wished me a happy birthday, it was so nice, everyone made me feel so loved.

Okay, then on the 4th was Tyson's birthday. I guess I will kind of go backwards explaining it, since that is how the pictures are. We went to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner which was way yummy and the boys were amazingly really well behaved. It was almost eerie. Hehe Right before that, we decided to go to VMI where there were hot air balloons and a big fair type thing with booths and food, stuff like that. Well, we get out of the car and it starts to rain a little bit. We walk just a little ways and it starts pouring. So we hung ran to shelter and the boys watched the rain. It was fun. Then when it stopped raining hard, we kept on going, only to get caught in an even harder downpour, completely soaking all of us. So we ran for shelter again but the boys loved playing in the rain. Finally when it let up, the entire fair ground was pretty much deserted with the vendors packing up. The air balloons were grounded and deflated, so poor Tyson, there wasn't much excitement left. The boys however, loved it. We got some kettle corn and the guy selling it gave the boys each their own bag which they loved eating and slowly walking around with splashing in puddles. It was really relaxing and fun.

Tyson wanted a checkerboard cake for his birthday, so I did my best. It wasn't perfect, but it turned out kind of cool and it was fun to learn how to do something new. It tasted pretty good and that's what matters right? :)

My handsome hubby.

Josh helped me make it and boy was he a great helper, as you can see!

Sadly, I have no pictures from our anniversary, but that was my favorite day. Tyson had to work, but when he got back Mary and Ben came over to watch the boys (whom they both fell in love with). We drove to Charlottesville to the Melting Pot. It was so much fun to eat there! The cheese and the chocolate fondues were so yummy and our waiter was really nice. I told Tyson I knew I was getting old, because Kenni and I used to always check out our waiters, now my first thought was "I hope my boys turn out as nice as him." Hehe. Tyson was darling and made me feel like a queen and super loved of course. He found out that the fifth anniversary is the one to give the gift of wood, whatever that means. So he bought me a Willow tree figures of a couple and the caption that came with it (the reason he got the one he did) says "For those who have found their true partner in love and life." How romantic is he huh? So cute and I love Willow tree, so I was really happy. He made me bring in the big FedEx box to restaurant to open it, so cute. When we got home I gave him a game I made, "Monogamy." A twist off of Monopoly. It was pretty funny and fun to make. So we played the game and then stayed up late watching the cheesiest chick flick ever. It was ridiculous that neither of us could fall asleep. Hehe.

But it was a great day and a great week. I love having so many fun memories together. I can't believe the summer is only half over and I feel like we have done more than we ever have. Ah, summertime...

More Summer Fun

Here are the more random pictures of the month. We went to Jesse (Tyson's boss) and his wife Andrea's lakehouse right after Tyson's birthday. It was SO much fun. It was really relaxing and we played at the lake most of the first day there. Jesse and Andrea were so nice to have us there and the boys loved it and loved them. Josh loved the canoe ride and then the boys sat on the dock with Andrea while Tyson caught fish with a butterfly net. :) A real fisherman. It was so cute and so much fun. I am barely still fitting into my maternity swimsuit, so I won't burden you with any of those shots. But let me just tell you, swimming is the most stress relieving thing being pregnant, I felt so light. Hehe So yeah, it was a great trip. They even made Tyson a cake to wish him a happy birthday, it was so nice!

I often find Caleb just by himself doing his own thing. He requires very little attention and here he is, just reading to himself. He is such a chill kid, I love it.

The boys are best friends. Caleb calls Josh "Joshie" and they rough house, play games, "shoot" each other and the other pretends to die. Kind of awful, but really funny. Here they are, "camping" on the floor in their room. I love watching them sleep.

Caleb and his daily banana. Of course wearing a top hat, because doesn't one always eat bananas with a top hat?

Josh let Caleb borrow his hat and Caleb didn't want to take it off. So cute! I thought Dad would be proud of the blue plaid shirt too. :)

Caleb's new sitting spot.

After playing in the sprinkler. I feel bad, but Josh rarely holds still for pictures and when he does he rarely smiles, so I have very few unblurry happy pictures of him. :)

Caleb's crazy hair when I rub sunscreen in it.

Caleb and Josh decorated the car, the house, the brick porch, the sidewalk, the glass door, basically anything that would hold still with chalk. We were very thankful when it rained, but it was cute seeing them be so artistic...

Friday, July 1, 2011


No particular reason, other than he is perfect for me in every way, I just wanted to say I love my husband. He is so completely amazing and nice to me. I am just happy when I think about him. What a hunk. :)