Monday, October 6, 2014

Connect Those Heart Strings

Lately, I have realized that I am entering a new phase of motherhood.  And it is drastically different than the one I have been in for the past almost seven years.  It is the "school" phase as my brain likes to call it.  Josh is in school for the second year now, Caleb goes to preschool three days a week and I am left with only two little boys for part of the day, one of which is sleeping during that time.  Let me tell you, the quiet it so relaxing but almost unnerving.

Plus, the little guy (Matthew's twin basically) I babysit is home with his Mama now for the next few months because she just had a baby (hooray for cute boys!).  So it is extra quiet.  And today (which is why I am writing), it is almost silent, minus the noise of the typing of my laptop and me eating the most deliciously flaky apple pie like toaster strudel because I have no one to hide it from, because Tyson took Matthew to work with him for a little bit.

So the reason I am writing: watching Tyson walking around the corner with our little Matthew guy by his side.  There is really nothing in this world like watching the man you love most, love the little people you love most.  I don't know how to explain it, but it is like it connects the pieces in my heart, like this is how the world should be.  To know that the people you love most, love each other, it is just perfect.  And Tyson is one heck of a dad.  He loves his little boys and plays with them and talks to them, but when he does extra special things to show them he loves them, it is like the best happiness in the world.

I never want to forget that happy round little face, looking up at his Daddy, feeling so special because his Daddy was going to take him to work with him, all by himself.  His little flip flopped feet, stomping through the mass quantity of acorns in front of our house, marching next to the superhero of his life.  Then of course they both turned and waved to me and maybe I am a little sappy, but it is those moments that make up for all the bad ones.

That is probably why it is so wonderful for little kids to see their parents in love with each other.  Because they love their parents so much, and it somehow completes the heart to see those people love each other.  It really is how the world should be.

So, go and show the people in your life you love them.  It will be beyond worth it.  Just like a warm toaster strudel on a cold morning.  :)