Thursday, October 27, 2016

"Do We Ever Answer?"

Tyson is a really funny dad.  He makes our house turn from a pack of puppies to a pack of wolves.  They roll around and push each other and he throws them onto the couches as they giggle and squeal and go running back for more.  But they all know he is the alpha and the boss.  Ok, I am the boss and they all know that, but still.  Anyways, he snuggles with them sometimes and has cute little conversations with them one on one and takes them on outings, it is really cute.  But most of the time he isn't gushy.  You know, emotional, sensitive, that type of thing.

But there is one time of day that he always is.

That is when he tucks them in AFTER they fall asleep.

So tonight, we are pretty sure they are asleep because 1- it is after 9 and 2- it is quiet.  Number 2 makes it far more likely.  Tyson goes in there, walks over to Peter, tells him how cute he is and how much he loves him.  Then to Josh and Andrew, telling both of them what sweet kids they are and how he loves their personalities and all the things they do.  Then he turns around.

And there peering through the slats of his bunk bed are Caleb's little eyes.

Tyson: "Oh man, Caleb, you caught me!"
Caleb: "What do you mean?"
Tyson: "Did you know I talk to you guys every night after you go to sleep?"
Caleb: "Um, no."
Tyson: "Yeah, I tell you guys stories, or I just tell you I love you, or I talk to you about the future and what I hope for you. And I have kept it a secret for nine years and you caught me!"
Caleb: "Well, do we ever answer?"

This made Tyson laugh because of course that would be what he would wonder.  That never occured to me though, or Tyson I don't think.  But according to Tyson, they do sometimes.  One time they even responded something about alligator feet.

That just makes me want to get that app that records what you say in your sleep.  I bet it would be really interesting.  Isn't there an app for that?  I think someone told me there was once.  Anyways, it is really important to talk to your kids, whether they are sleeping or not.  But make sure you tell them you love them all the time, anytime.  Nobody can be told or shown that enough, especially your child.