Thursday, June 20, 2013

Swimming Lessons End

There were so many people that have asked me how Josh's swim lessons are going, so I thought I would give you an update, or conclusion as the case may be.  Swim lessons are all over, they only lasted two weeks, but they were totally worth it.  I LOVED seeing Josh get in the water so easily and have such a good time.
Josh begged his daddy to take a WHOLE day off work so he could come watch him swim.  We thought this was funny since Tyson gets off work just a half hour after his swim lessons start.  But Tyson was awesome and took off work early and we all went to the swimming pool for Josh's last lesson.  When it was time for his lessons to start, Josh stood up and walked right over to where his class was.  My jaw dropped, he had at least required me to walk him part of the way over or take a little bit of time to get in the water or something.  Nope, not his last time.  I was so proud of all his progress.
He still wouldn't jump in the pool, but he kind of slid in, so that is something.  His teacher was able to take him out in the "deep part" several times and that was his favorite part.  He kept chucking his floating board and Tyson and I assumed it was to bug his teacher, so we felt really bad for her.  From what he told us later, he was trying to scare all the sharks away and throwing the board apparently did that perfectly.  You have to love the imagination this kid has.
He had one on one training the whole time, so either they felt bad that the first two days he didn't even get in the water, or they were afraid to leave him alone, or he was in a more "individual needs" class.  Either way, we were really grateful for all the teaching and time they took with him.  It made me so happy to see his cute little face bobbing around in the water, smiling huge and having the time of his life.  We loved watching little Tommy too, who was so excited he couldn't stop bouncing.
I guess I forget all about the simple pleasures in life, like water.  How magical and perfect it is, a whole world for them to explore.  Having kids really does remind me of all the beautiful things in life.  Not to mention we got to go out for ice cream again.  You can't really go wrong with that.


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  1. I love it! I'm proud of Joshua too. Thanks for show casing our little guys.