Thursday, March 27, 2008

A Weary Woman Going for a Walk

K, so you know the movie 'Pride and Prejudice,' the Mormon version? So you remember the scene with Jane and Lizzie going for a run? Okay, so that was totally me today, and I was Lizzie, covered in sweat. So my visiting teachers are seriously the most adorable girls ever, and completely beautiful. They are sisters-in-law, they married twins and though they don' t look alike, they are both gorgeous. We went on a walk today, we looked like a mommy train. Each of us had our baby in a stroller. It really was a blast. They are so incredibly awesome. But I just had to laugh the whole time to myself because I am so out of shape! Everyone I know goes running and are seriously amazing atheletes, and I am a recluse. My favorite thing in the world is sleeping and eating chocolate (not at the same time of course). So obviously, I am well rounded, literally. Hehe, no, I know I am not fat or anything, but seriously out of shape. Man I was sweating profusely, I thought I was going to collapse in the street. But for all that, it felt soooooo good! What have I been doing inside all the time for? It was so nice to get out. When we split up and they went their way to go home and I went mine, I was so happy. I just loved the slight breeze and all the budding trees and the silence. It was so wonderful. I love this little town and everyone waving at each other, it is just where I always wanted to be. Huzza for beautiful days, wonderful people and lovely walks with my darling baby. Now I shall rest, for I am exhausted!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Dad

This is for all of you that know my Dad, he is still just as funny as ever. This is Carmel's flower girl head ornament (?) that she was supposed to wear but refused ( I don't really blame her). Note: While my dad was wearing this he told this joke: "What do you get when you put a French man in a pot of boiling oil?"
Answer: "A french fry!" Hehe, can you just picture my dad busting up? Oh I love that man!

Pics of Josh


So all my life I grew up loving Easter. My parents love to pretend and make every holiday crazy fun. My mom would write all these little notes, weeks before Easter, from the Easter bunny and leave them where we would find them. Then on Easter we would have these huge baskets that my parents would hide around the yard. Each basket was individualized for each of us and it was so much fun. I am so excited for next year and the many years after as Josh grows up and gets siblings and each holiday becomes entirely crazy and fun. I want my kids to have a crazy imagination like I did and have them feel like it is all real and magical. This Easter, although Josh slept through most of it, was really fun. Josh has been really sick lately, and so both Tyson and I were pretty tired from sleepless nights, so we slept as soon as we got home from church until right before dinner. (I am so thankful for crockpots, they cook for me) Then Kenni and her new husband Chris came over. I hid eggs around our apartment and then I sent Kenni, Chris and Tyson on a hunt. It was so fun! We ate dinner and watched Enchanted. It was so funny because KJ called that night and he told me he and his finacee, Courtney, watched "The Lamb of God" and I felt so awful saying "Oh, we watched 'Enchanted'." It was pretty funny. But even with the humor, it really struck me, I have never really focused on Christ much around Easter. So I picked up our Ensign from this month, beautiful by the way, and just started reading. It was reallly neat because all this week I have really been seeing just how amazing Christ's Atonement is. It is something I have always known, but still I seem to find it more and more amazing the more I study it. The peace it brings is unexplainable. I am so thankful for it. I testify that Christ is real, and He did die for us, because He loves us and He wants so much for us to be happy. Being a parent now, I can now feel a part of the love Heavenly Father surely feels for us, and it is amazingly strong. I am so thankful.

P.S.- Thank you Heather for what you said about your Easter experience. I have always been so strengthened by your testimony.

Money Changes

So this past week Tyson and I have really decided to start making changes with what we do with our money. Luckily, we don't have any debt, but we also don't have much to spend either. Tyson works so hard, but SVU doesn't have a lot of money to give and we love it here and feel that the Lord stills wants us to stay. So we heard about this Dave Ramsey guy a few months ago and we started listening to his stuff and I just finished reading his book "Total Money Makeover." It is really neat and both Tyson and I are way excited about it. We have realized we are going to have to move out of our awesome apartment and try to find something cheaper because it just is too expensive. Dave Ramsey is a Christian and his whole purpose is to help people change themselves by making good spending, saving and investing habits. He really preaches a lot about giving and how much better you feel when you do, but that by having more money, you can give so much more. At first I thought it was just some Get Rich Quick scheme that Tyson always seems attracted to, but it really isn't and I am so excited to work hard to save money so we will have enough money for emergencies and for vacations and for our kids when they need things. I used to think money was evil, but it isn't, it can do a lot of good. I just still want to not look rich if that makes sense. I want to be like the Beverly Hillbillies, hehe. :)

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Picture Tag

All of the questions must be answered with pictures.
Favorite Color:

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Favorite Dessert:I tag anyone who wants to do this, it is way fun!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

pics from Bunk's wedding

SO here she is, the beautiful bride. One with her hubby and all her brothers including Tyson, at the Portland temple. And then her and Christian dancing at their reception in a barn all lite up pretty. So fun!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bunk is Married!

So just so you all know, my little sister is all grown up and married. This past Saturday, Kennebec, was married and sealed to her love, Christian in the Portland Temple. Seriously, I have never seen something so heart breaking and heart mending in my life. I seriously have been bawling for days before and after because I didn't want her to move out of our apartment, I didn't want her to grow up, but I have never been so happy that she is. I was so worried about her, that she might never get married in the temple, or ever even want to, but she was and it was the neatest experience. Her husband is so adorable! He loves her to pieces and gets along with Tyson great and we have lots of fun times. I am so glad they are living in Virginia too. She looked so incredibly beautiful, mostly just because she was sparkling and so happy. I will post pictures when I get them.


5 years ago I was...loving high school, probably hanging out with Mike, Kristen and Stephen all the time. Procrastinating my senior portfolio (I hated that thing), dreaming, making up songs with Heather, probably still sneaking out all the time to go stalking with Kenni, wondering about what school to go to.
5 months ago I was...getting huge in the midsection, quitting my job because I couldn't take bending down and getting sick all the time from the little kids, unpacking our house, and reading Eragon with Tyson.
5 things that worry me... losing Tyson or Josh, not being able to feed Josh enough, my family, scary men hiding under my car, getting my identity stolen, I'm like Kristen, I worry way too much.
5 bad habits...Eating chocolate whenever and always, not listening when people talk to me, gossip gossip evil thing, not sleeping when I should, being critical of others.
5 of my favorite places I've lived...Virginia, Utah, Maine and California (in that order)
5 of my greatest temple marriage, the gospel, Tyson, Joshua, and all my family and friends
5 things on my wish list...chocolate (suprise, suprise), clothes that I could never afford, baby stuff, tickets to get out of BV, a house in Venice
5 of my favorite things to blog about...My baby, Tyson, and well random things in my life
5 people I tag... um all my friends have done it, so anyone else that reads it

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

To Write

So yesterday I went to go get the mail and I was so excited. A few weeks ago I took this test from a place called the Institute of Children's Literature. So yesterday in the mail I got this huge packet with an acceptance letter from the school. So I have to pay money, but they will teach me how to write and how to get published. I don't think it is a hoax, I sure hope not, so if you know anything about it let me know. I am so excited though, all my life I have wanted to be a writer but I never get very far in anything I start writing. I seriously was so happy I cannot even tell you. This is like a dream come true if it all works out. The coolest thing is that Tyson is so supportive about it. He is so excited for me and wants me to write almost more than I do.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Please Pray

So on Saturday my little sister, Kenni is getting married. It is so weird to me that time goes by so quickly and that she is old enough to get hitched and start her own family. I am starting to feel old. We fly out on Wednesday to Oregon which should be a fun trip with such a little person. :) I am so glad Tyson is going with me though. Lots of things in both of our families are happening and changing, good and bad. Kenni is getting married, KJ I think is getting officially engaged to his girlfriend tomorrow, my grandma just got her endowments out last week, but Yance and his wife are struggling and it breaks my heart. Then there are good and bad things happening in Tyson's family too, but stuff that no one could really understand and it isn't my place to talk about them. But could I ask you all a favor? Would you pray for our families? That would mean a lot to me, they need a lot of prayers right now. I love you guys!