Friday, July 24, 2009

Oh Me of Little Faith

So sometimes I find myself wondering, "what more could go wrong?" But then I feel awful because I know so much goes right for me. We have been trying to find a house that we can afford to buy, or rent, or something. We just want a yard, a little place that is ours, where I can let me little boy(s) play. We have this house that we kind of call our dream house. It is just out of our price range, and we met with the owner on Tuesday. We wanted him to go down, a lot, on the price, either that or let us rent it or something. He said no. I feel like this keeps happening, housing gets more and more expensive, our apartment gets smaller (well, it feels that way), our family gets bigger, and I have stopped working completely, thus income is not increasing. Then we took our car in to get the yearly inspection, right after we paid the insurance and registered it for 2 years. It was rejected, for lots of reasons, expensive ones. Then there are other little things that I know are going to cost us money any minute. Like our laptop, we keep praying that it keeps working even with all its quirks. All three of us need to go to the dentist, but who can afford that? Not to mention this squirmy squirrel that is coming soon. Money, money, money. Where is it going to come from?

The worst part is that Tyson has always felt that he is suppose to be wealthy, that the Lord wants him to be that way so he can help others. And I try really hard to not blame myself, like I am somehow doing something or not doing something that is making it impossible for Tyson to be what he needs to be.

I know this is all silly, especially since the Lord has blessed us with so much. Our beloved Sammy (our car) has lasted us so long, against all odds and protected us from so much. All three (four) of us are healthy and strong despite the lack of nutrition in our diet. :) Our apartment does fit us, for now, and it is a nice cool place to shelter me and my growing belly from the heat and humidity. Tyson has a great job that he is learning so much from, and he did just get a raise AND a promotion, so I really should not be complaining. I just worry too much. Oh me of little faith.

But who can worry too long with a little curly haired boy running into walls because he is wearing a basket on his head? He may look just like Tyson, but he is for sure as weird as me. :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Raining Mondays and Over-tired Thoughts

It is pouring rain right now. I love this place. Josh is sleeping soundly, after his very late night out with his uncles, he is exhausted! I have been working on my writing assignment, I am doing a nonfiction article for this piece. I have decided to write about my dad. Well, it has NOT been easy. There is so much research that goes with it, and I am not going to publish it or anything, but just trying to write about memories, both good and bad have not been easy. Anyways, I am just kind of releasing random thoughts that are oozing from my over-tired, over-thought brain. :)

If you do want a good laugh, take a look at Kenni's blog: It contains some of our weekend adventures with the boys, all my boys. :) We were walking into church yesterday with Chanson and Ammon and I realized how surrounded I was by testosterone. Not only do I have my two brothers, my husband, my son, but my other son inside me. All I have to say is I am totally outnumbered. Thankfully, I have Kenni around, otherwise I think I would be lost in the midst of boyness. But oh how I love them all. I love having a little boy, and I am so excited to have another one. Kenni, I hope it is a girl, it will even out the numbers a little. :)
P.S.- I will post about our anniversary when I download the pictures.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Baby Boy #2

So there is only three months left until the next baby comes. I am pretty nervous, excited, but nervous. This one is really active and really strong. Josh had his crazy moments rolling around in me, but this one is alive and CRAZY. It kicks so hard that my entire stomach looks like it is going to burst out through my belly button. :) It is really fun though and Josh loves to shake my belly and yell into it. I still don't think he has any idea there is a kid in there that is going to be annoying him for the rest of his life. :)

We have really been wondering about what to name him. We had a really hard time finding a name for Joshua, but at last we just figured Joshua was the only name that fit. So this one we kind of like Peter, but we still aren't sure. So one night we asked Josh what we should name his little brother. Without even a pause he said, "Geeb." Both Tyson and I busted up laughing and then asked him what his middle name should be. Again, no pause Josh said, "Abba." So apparently his name is "Geeb Abba." I have been trying to look those up in Hebrew and seeing if there is something that they mean so we could find a name that might fit with the meaning, but we shall see. For now, we call the little guy "Geeb," and it is kind of cute. :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Many Cooper Adventures

Wow, my blogging is long overdue. Let me first tell of my traveling adventures. Josh and I spent about a week in Washington with Tyson's family and we had a lot of fun. The weather was perfect and so both of us wanted to be outside almost the whole time. Josh got to go swimming in their little kid pool (we had to bring hot water from inside to put in it because it was so cloudy and coldish that day). He LOVES the water. We went to his Aunt Katie and Uncle Josh's house that they just bought. Josh loved this one closet and would hide in there over and over again. It was really cute.
We went to the zoo, and there were TONS of people there, making it really exhausting and crowded, but we still had fun. This is Josh waiting for the birds to fly over in the bird exhibit thing that we watched. I think his favorite animal though was the little groundhog things because he was able to get close enough to see them and there weren't many people there. He did find a fountain and he played and got soaked in that. I didn't take any pictures though, I was just trying to keep him from drinking it. ;)

This is him riding in the kid car. He loved this thing and from dawn till dusk, he spent most of his time in it.

This is a very blurry picture of Tyson's sister, Cassie, at her high school graduation. We were up really high in the bleachers so this is a very zoomed in shot. This is also where I first met Tyson's old girlfriend and still really close friend of the family, Angela. It was kind of weird at first but she was really nice and we talked for a long time.

Here is Mom Cooper in the hammock with Josh. I also had to zoom in on this one. If Josh saw me, he would freak out and want to come to me and not be with anyone else. It was slightly frustrating, but it made me feel loved at the same time.
P.S.- I want a yard to hang a hammock in.

Mom and Dad Cooper and Josh.

Then Josh and I flew to California to spend about a week with my family. I was really nervous about it because Josh was already pretty sick of traveling and I was already exhausted, but it ended up being really fun every day. I didn't take many pictures, sorry, I got distracted and forgot it most of the time.

We went on a lot of walks though, which Josh loved. This is Ammon and Josh (whose names I kept mixing up, I guess I am already a real mom :) ) Ammon really was happy and he loved Josh, but he had an angry face in the picture. Hehe

Here is KJ feeding the cows and Josh watching intently. Both the cows were huge pregnant, I felt like we had a lot in common.

Father's Day dinner. It was a lot of fun to be with my own dad for father's day. It has been a long time. It was sad that Tyson had to be alone without his little boy(s) and me though. It was a yummy dinner and it was Yance and Kimmy's anniversary too, so that was cool.

4 generation shot. It was really neat and I'm glad Mama had us take the picture.

I took this the morning we left to come back home. Dad really wanted me to get a shot of the two of them. It was cute how excited my dad was to be with Josh because Josh is old enough now he is fun to play with.

We did lots of other things too, like going to Dennis the Menace Park, I took my Mama out to lunch, I hung out a lot with Courtney which was great, Ammon Carmel and I took Josh swimming and he freaked out but loved it at the same time, we had a lot of movie nights with ice cream, we went to the beach as a family and KJ buried Josh in the sand, and then all the boys went sand cliff jumping, it was crazy. Mostly I just spent a lot of time with everyone in the family. It was a lot of fun. The weekend Ammon and Chanson are coming out for EFY this week and I cannot wait to hang out more with them.
So then Josh and I went home...kind of. My dad gave me a father's blessing in the airport parking lot before we left and it was really wonderful. Blessings are such amazing things. Then they (Mama, Dad and Carmel) walked me to check-in, then to the gate. Which I'm glad they did, it wasn't really a stroller-friendly place. It was weird leaving them as I went through security. I wanted so bad to go home to Tyson, and yet, even though I have left my family many times over the past few years, it never gets easier. But Josh and I boarded the plane and he was really good on our flight to Las Vegas. That is where I learned that I should have never complained about my flight, I had it pretty good then. Just as we were about 10 minutes away from Vegas, a freak storm hit and we had to detour to Ontario, California. We landed and waited there for about an hour, then we flew back to Vegas. By the time we got there, my connecting flight was long gone. So in confusion, I walked around the airport until I saw a flight going close to where we needed to go. So I talked to them and they told me that this flight was full and the next time they could get me a flight wasn't until the next day. I freaked. I thought of spending the night with a toddler in an airport and I wanted to collapse and die there. They told me they wouldn't pay for my hotel since it was weather, but they could get me a good deal. The lady was really nice and helped me a lot, but I still have my suspicions that the "freak storm" was all a hoax to make people delayed and have to spend the night in Vegas and gamble their money away, thus improving the economy in Vegas. :) Just kidding, kind of.
So Josh and I stayed at this sweet hotel, except I was terrified and wanted it to all be over the whole time. I refuse to ever travel without my husband, ever, ever again. However, Josh did love it and we do have some fun memories now. So here are some pictures of us at the airport the next morning eating breakfast and just being crazy.

When we finally got home the next day, I don't think I have ever been so happy to see Tyson. We have had a lot of fun since. We got a five day weekend for the 4th of July and we have been doing tons of fun stuff. We went to a safari park, Boxerwood, played a ton, went to Kip's wedding (which was gorgeous by the way, the perfect way to spend my birthday), Kenni and Chris threw us a birthday bbq. Seriously, it has been the perfect week. And next week is our anniversary so I can't wait to tell you about that. Oh, and here are pictures of us in Josh's new tent too. Sorry, this is a super long "epistle" as Tyson calls it.

Hope you enjoy, I hopefully will write again soon. :)