Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Do you ever think, "wow, those two kids are mine? I gave birth to two of them!? I'm not a little kid myself anymore? When did that happen? I'm married!? I pay taxes and bills? I drive a van? What? Wow, I'm an adult?"

I'm thinking that right now.

They are as weird as me and I love it

Box riding, a sport for toddlers.
Yes, he totally dresses himself. He wore this hat to the doctor the other day, it was hilarious. I thought about telling him no, but then, why kill his spirit? He doesn't see anything wrong with looking odd, why take that away from him? Haha, plus, it makes me laugh the whole time. :)

This is Caleb's hat that Josh loves to wear over his head like this, I'm not sure why, but it is really funny.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My favorite Josh quotes

"Josh like butterfly, no, Josh LOVE it!"

"Oh no gracious, my puzzle!"

"Josh say shut-up, Josh go time out"

"I love you too, Mama. Oh, Josh made Mama cry!"

"Hehe, Josh smack Daddy on de butt."

I read Emilie's blog and I was thinking of all the funny things kids say when they start to talk in sentences. So I had to write some of my favorites that Josh says nowadays.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nap Time

I go to put Caleb in his crib when Josh is finally quiet (if I put them in there at the same time, they play for hours and never sleep). However, the door won't open more than a centimeter. I think maybe Josh fell asleep in front of the door so I softly nudge it and see bars through the crack in the door. I'm thinking, what did he find to put in front of the door? Then after a little harder of a push, I find the crib. That is what he found to put in front of the door. Josh never ceases to entertain me.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Anniversary-Plan B

Happy Anniversary to Tyson yesterday (and happy birthday Kirsten)!

We had a fun time yesterday, it wasn't what we were planning, but what ever is? We had planned to go to a bigger town about an hour away, do some shopping and eat dinner at a nice restaurant. However, we have been way too spoiled with having Kenni and Cassie be here. We never really have to worry about finding a babysitter. Well, they both are out of town so I thought, well, now that I am in young women's, it will be really easy to find one of them to watch the boys...Nope, not one. They were all out of town or busy. Everyone else we know or could think of have their own kids and we didn't want to take them away from their own families. (sorry Bunk, we do that to you all the time.)

So we had plan B. Tyson was awesome and left work much earlier than usual. We took the boys and went to a local Italian place, got some take out, came home, put the boys in bed. Which turned out to be much easier than usual because they had taken like the shortest naps ever which made me mad at the time, but turned out to be a blessing because they were so tired. So they fell asleep and we went down to the basement where Tyson had laid out a blanket on the floor and lit some candles (which is really different for us, we never light candles). So we ate our take out on the floor and talked about our past anniversaries. It was really fun.

I love how much Tyson loves me and always makes me feel special, no matter what day it is or where we are. Sometimes it is hard being a mom and having to worry about the kids even on days when I want to celebrate and be alone with Tyson. But I am so thankful I get to be a mom and I know this may sound weird, but I know Heavenly Father knew that I needed to spend some quality time with Tyson, so He had the boys sleep extra deep. I am so thankful for days that remind me of why I love life and how lucky I am. Tyson, thank you for marrying me four years ago. Thank you for making every day wonderful and for keeping your promise and making me laugh so much. Thank you for writing notes on all our windows so every time I look outside, I remember you love me. Guess what? I love you.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

My Man of Common Cents

In honor of my fabulous husband and his upcoming birthday, I wanted to write a little blog about him and the things he loves. I was talking to his little sister, Cassie, today and I was asking her about what kind of guy she wants to marry. She is much more mature in her thoughts than I ever was, which made me start to remember what I used to want. I wanted basically somebody just like me, but from Tennessee with an accent that could ride horses. I'm so glad I got someone infinitely better than that.

Tyson is very different from me. He is confident, driven, realistic, yet hopeful, he is like a rock, so stable. He loves things that I can't even picture liking, like olives and museums. I love to read his blog: because customer service? I would have never really given that any thought except, "that teller was really helpful." But I would have marked it as personality, not actually as a good way of doing business. He is just amazing the things he thinks of and how he always wants to make things better.

I have been kind of grouchy with him today, and he has been so good and nice to me. He is off with the little boys at Walmart right now getting me a present. That is the kind of guy he is. He is amazing and I love him. I want him to know it, so everyone reading this, click on his blog and look at it. He can see how many people look at it, and that will make him so happy. Thanks. :)