Monday, March 7, 2016

Fox Protection

When your kid gets home from school, do they actually tell you what happened while they were there?  My two older boys are the kind of boys that give answers like, "nothing," and "not much."  Until later, like bedtime when they keep coming and telling me everything in intricate detail because they want an excuse to stay up.

But this story isn't about them.

My third boy is a story teller.  He talks A LOT.  So when he has stuff to say, which is almost always, you better listen, because he also will repeat it until you respond.  To make things even more interesting, he also has the stinking cutest little voice and struggles with annonciating r's, th's, sh's, you know, so everything he says needs a translator.  It is adorable.

He got back from preschool today and had a paper gray circle folded in half and inside was a pipe cleaner twisted like a bracelet.  We asked him what it was for and he said it was a treasure hidden in a trap that was so strong nothing could break into it.  At least, we are pretty sure that is what he was telling us (me and my husband).

If only you could be here to hear our conversations.  He blue eyes get huge and his little hands flail and dance around like he is part Italian.  And the dimples when he smiles, seriously, just try to picture it.

"Matthew, but what kind of animal would want a pipe cleaner?"
M: "A fogs"
"A fox?"
M: "Yeah"
"I didn't know fox liked to eat pipe cleaner."
M: "Yup, they do."
"Oh, interesting. But can't the fox use his teeth and break the trap open?"
M: "No, nuffin can get into it.  It is da stwongest fing in da wowd."
"Nothing?  Not even a knife can cut it open?"
M: "No, weally, nuffin.  Nuffin can do it."  (dramatic pause) "Nuffin.  Nuffin."

So there you go, if you want to keep something safe from a fox, put it in a folded piece of paper.  Because you know those fox, they will come steal all your pipe cleaner, so watch out.