Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Bad Guy

I don't know if I am the only one, but I feel like I say "no" ALL day long.

"Josh, don't jump on the couch."
"Caleb, stop whining."
"Matthew, don't beat up on your brothers."
"Don't eat that without asking first."
"Guys!  Turn off the hose!"
"Don't jump off the bed!"
"Stop picking your nose, that is so gross."
"Don't lick food off the table."
"Stop yelling."
"No you can't watch TV"
"No you can't have sugar."
"Don't eat that, you just brushed your teeth."
"No you can't have water.  You need to go to sleep."


It gets really old.  There really must be a better way.

Well last night was just the end of a long day of no. 

Tyson and I were putting the boys in bed and Josh was not being...shall we say a willing participant.  He kept running off and cackling, so proud of his escapes.  One time he came back to his room with a beaded necklace.  It was one of those cheap plastic ones that little \girls have tons of.  Well, we have one.  And for some reason, the boys think it is totally cool because it is blue, so it is okay for boys to wear.  However, we have a rule that you can't go to sleep with necklaces or jump ropes or anything that could strangle them in their sleep.  We found little rope burns on Caleb's neck a few months ago and have been a little terrified since.  So this is how our conversation went:

"Josh, you can't sleep with that necklace.  It isn't safe."
"I'm just putting it over here."
"No, sorry, you can't have it in your room.  Hand it to me and I will give it back in the morning."
"Haha!" (he 'hides' it under his pillow)
"Josh, give it to me."
"You can't sleep with it, give it to me."

So I did the only logical thing and snatched it and walked out of the room as Josh screamed after me like I had just torn away his firstborn.

Tyson was tickling Caleb at the time, so kind of missed our argument.  I decided I was done with the boys and stayed in my room, but I could kind of hear what was going on back in the room of boys.

Tyson: "Goodnight Caleb.  Josh, why are you crying?"
Josh: "Mama took my necklace.  AND she did it on purpose!"
Caleb: (Gasps) "She STOLE it!  That is so mean!"
Tyson is talking softly to Josh, I can't hear what he is saying.
Caleb: "Daddy, Daddy, excuse me Daddy, you should go beat Mama up.  Go get Josh's necklace back.  She needs to get beat up.  Daddy, Daddy, excuse me, go beat Mama up!"
Tyson: "That is a great idea Caleb."

(please note in our home 'beating up' really means tickling basically as a method of torture to make you laugh.  It is usually a punishment for not too serious crimes.)

So Tyson came in to beat me up, which of course got me to laugh quickly.  The only thing is, I know I was right that I shouldn't let Josh sleep with the necklace, but I know I could have handled that WAY better.  But sometimes I can't see beyond the moment.  How do you get kids to be obedient without saying no all day and end up acting like a child yourself?

I really am at a loss.  And I don't like being the bad guy all the time.

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  1. I love reading your fun stories on here! I know every kid is different, but one method that really works with Cambrie is to give her more control that she can have. So I might have said to her, "Okay Cambrie, you know you can't sleep with it, and it can't stay in your room. Do you want to go pick a safe spot somewhere else that it can stay so you know where it is in the morning?" That way she'd have some control and still be operating within Mommy's rules.

    Of course this is coming from a calm moment on a pretty decent day when I haven't blown up too badly at my under the circumstances you've described I probably would have done the same as you. :-) Good luck! Moms with more than two kids amaze me. The sheer fact that your kids are still alive and generally happy is a testament to your awesomeness. :-)