Monday, April 9, 2012

March to April

I think this was Josh hanging out with Aunt Carmel. Crazy things always happen. :)

Cool block tower Josh built. He is getting pretty creative.
Daddy and the boys making surprised faces. :0
LOVE love love these two. Couldn't have a cuter baby.
Josh no joke dressed himself like this the other day and yes, he carried that stick around. So funny.
Crazy cute Caleb.
Prettiest bush in the yard currently.
Warning, following photo not for the faint of heart. You can't even see it very well, I need to take better pictures. This is Tyson's reaction to just a tiny bit of poison ivy. Craaaazy!

The master of disguises!
Easter egg hunts. Josh is awesome. Tyson trained him to go super fast and get as many eggs as possible.
Caleb was too cute.

We gave Matthew some sixlets to hold, not thinking he could eat them. Oh, he got it open and a few before we realized it.
Prettiest day ever.

Pop's birthday party! Sorry not a great picture. That morning I asked Josh, "Josh, whose birthday is it today?" And he said, "Oh I know, Jesus's!" So cute. Yup, Jesus and my dad. Great day to celebrate. :)
Grandma Cooper sent this awesome egg and it was huge! The boys were WAY excited!
Coloring eggs.

Finding Easter baskets.

Left Caleb alone with his basket, not a good idea. :)

Carmel made a SUPER cute carrot cake, not to mention REALLY tasty!
And our beautiful Cassie girl with the boys. She took them out to lunch while Tyson was out of town. Nicest present ever. I forgot to get a picture of the german chocolate cake she made for Easter too. Man, yesterday was a great feast. Not just that, it was a wonderful day to celebrate the Savior. It was so pretty outside and everything about the spring reminds me of rebirth and the Savior's Atonement and the hope of the Resurrection. How completely blessed we all are!

Doctor! Tell me what you gonna do!

Ethnie and Leo are over here this morning. Josh and Ethnie are talking to each other and this is the conversation I heard:

Josh (doctor): What is the matter with your baby?
Ethnie (worried mom): He is sick.
Josh: What's wrong with him?
Ethnie: I don't know, he is just sick.
Josh: Does he need medicine?
Ethnie: Yeah, I think so.
Josh: Do you have some at your house?
Ethnie: No, I don't.
Josh: Do I have some at my house?
Ethnie: I don't know.
Josh: Oh, I probably do. Would you go get it for me?
Ethnie: I don't know where your house is!

I'm glad that my conversations with the doctor don't sound like this. Can you imagine, the doctor looking at you and asking "does your baby need medicine?" Um, doc, that is what I am here for, does he? Haha, so funny. Gotta love kids pretending to be big.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

God Bless Me

As I walked into Walmart yesterday with Matthew in the snuggly on my front, Caleb on my hip (because how could he be made to actually use his legs), and Josh holding my available hand, an older lady stares at me.

The sweetheart, she walks right up to me and says "God bless you!" And laughs.

I can only imagine how I looked. Three kids that young must look like a lot. They sure feel like a lot.

So, I answered the adorable woman,

"That is what I tell myself everyday."

And I meant it. In multiple ways. Some days being a mom of three is a blast and SO hilarious. Other days it isn't so easy and I find myself taking a lot of breaths. I mutter prayers rather often for the Lord to bless me with patience. But there are many more times that I whisper prayers of gratitude for the multiplicity of blessings the Lord has given me.

How kind that woman was, to make me feel strong because not only am I daring enough to bring all three kids to the store by myself, but I am strong enough to have them all in the first place. And what perfect little boys they are. So yes, God has blessed me. I am so thankful for that woman for reminding me.