Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My Goals

Lately I have had a lot of training from my upline, Bekah, with Dove Chocolate Discoveries. It has really encouraged me to be a better chocolatier. Getting out of my shell is a really hard thing for me to do. I am naturally a stay at home, stay quiet, the less noticed by other people the better kind of person. So why on earth am I in a job where I do direct selling? I go to random people's houses, I stand up in front of them and present products and tell them they should buy it. And then I ask them if any of them want to host a party so what, I can go through all the torture again? :)

Surprisingly, I have loved being a chocolatier. There are hard moments where I really do NOT want to go to some random person's house, or I feel like I am failing or looking like a total idiot. But then there are other times when I watch groups of friends get together to eat chocolate, and not just any chocolate, AMAZING chocolate. And they have fun and they love it, all because I had the guts to go there. I taste the incredible chocolate myself and I love that I get to have it so often and somehow have the control to not eat it all the time. I get to meet so many wonderful people that I never would have met otherwise, not just the people that are wonderful enough to host parties and all the people that come, but my upline/coach and other people on our team. They are all hilarious and so much fun. It makes me feel so good to make goals and keep them. To have something of my very own that is interesting that I can tell Tyson about that doesn't have to do with poopy diapers or little toddling steps. None of those things are bad things, and I absolutely love being a mom, but this is just something extra that is wonderful too.

So this week I have a few goals.

1. I want to sell a certain amount of chocolate this month and I am only a few hundred away. That may sound superficial, and it is, but I set a goal and I want to reach it.

2. I want to have my own team. Mostly I want to share how awesome being a chocolatier is. It isn't for everyone of course, but maybe it will mean as much to someone else as it has meant to me. And I want to really push myself to be a leader. All my life I have been more of a follower, but I feel that I need to learn to lead. Not just with this business, but with lots of things. I am a mother, I am a leader for the young women at church, I want to be a teacher someday. I just feel that learning to lead as a chocolatier would really help me be a better leader in all the other parts of my life.

So anyways, I am writing all of this because in a way this blog has been a public journal for me. I know there are people that read it, so I don't put most of what I feel on here. However, I also know that the people that read it support me and encourage me, which I am really thankful for. So, if you guys wouldn't mind supporting me in this, that would be awesome. If you or someone you know might want to buy some amazing chocolate, send them my way. Or if you think you or someone else might really benefit from at least learning about what it is to be a chocolatier, send them my way too.

This is long and personal, so thanks for taking the time to read it!http://www.dovechocolatediscoveries.com/

Thursday, May 19, 2011


A few weeks ago when my mom was here, Bunk insisted that I get a Camelbak. I didn't really think it would help me drink more water, because well, nothing so far has helped me drink more except Tyson constantly hounding me. Well, surprisingly enough, I now drink around 72 ounces of water a day. It is so much more convenient to have one of these babies than to have to always go and get a glass of water and dirty yet another cup that I will end up washing. So this works great, it is always room temperature, so it is easy to drink. AND the straw makes me feel like I am not drinking a lot, but then suddenly, I have drank all 24 ounces! How stinking awesome is that? So, I decided this nifty invention deserved a blog post from yours truly. Thanks Kenni, Mom and Camelbak for saving my life. :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Grandma, Grandpa and Papo come for a Visit

Okay, since I am on a role with this blogging catch up, here are pictures from the visit from my Mama and Dad and Papo! They came for Kenni and Chris's graduation. Hooray for the Vials!
Here are some cute pictures from the graduation, all the kids were really good. Josh played with Chris's mom's i-phone and Zuri and Caleb slept almost the whole time.

Bubble blowing with Oma/Grandma/pink Grandma (all of Josh's names for her)

Kenni looked cute...but the boys were kind of weird.

I was trying to get a picture with Mom and Dad and the boys, but Dad was getting distracted. Hehe, it is cute. The boys loved having them here! (as did I of course)

Papo and two of his great-grandkids. :)

Coldstone! Josh got green ice cream, only because he LOVES green. It was so much fun being with Papo.

We went to the zoo while we were here. I put this picture in because you can kind of see my belly. Kenni is only due like 5 days after me and she is tiny in comparison! :)

Just in case you thought I was normal.

The bird cages.

The boys loved being trapped in between the doors. Hah

Daddy and Caleb

The playground at the zoo is probably just as cool as everything else there.

The twins. Caleb and Zuri had the same colored shirt on. They are the same size, just chocolate and vanilla colored hair.

The goats and zebu.

The cougar

Josh and me watching the cougar.

As you can tell, most of our pictures were from the zoo.

For your enjoyment...especially the second one.

The Best Man in the World.

Okay, so these are just random pictures. I just wanted to say that I am so blessed! Tyson has been so good to me, especially lately. I have been gone a lot with chocolate parties and events. Tyson has been Mr. Mom a little more than I think he ever expected he would be, but he is awesome.

The other day I came home and Tyson had made big fat pancakes (Josh's favorite) and banana boats. What a cool dad! The day before Mother's Day, I was gone all morning, so Tyson took the boys to Walmart and got fingerpaints and paper to make cool cards for me and our moms. He also got a super long piece of wood so we can measure the boys every mother's day. Then they went and played by the river.

Mother's Day they spent about an hour cutting up fruit because I said I wanted fruit salad for breakfast. Then of course Tyson leaves notes like this for me all the time. Yes this is in the fridge. Seriously, how lucky am I? Big fat pancake dinner

The biggest pancake. :)

These are just funny pictures that Kenni (I'm pretty sure it was Kenni) took. She did Caleb's hair super cool. Super cute Zuri pic too.

Easter Pics!

Easter was awesome! It was an entire weekend of celebrating. Friday afternoon we had the egg hunt at Tyson's office. It worked out quite perfectly that almost all of the boy's friends were there hunting eggs too. Then Saturday we had our own egg hunt to carry on the tradition of hunting eggs with the Davis's. Then Sunday the boys looked for their baskets and then we went to church and celebrated the real reason for Easter. Our wonderful Savior who died and lives again so that we have hope to live again as well. Here are the cutest boys in the world. Josh made sure we all wore green. :)

Right after they found their baskets! That was lots of fun.

Our Saturday egg hunt. This is Eleanore.

And Zuri. Turns out they are rivals. They are used to being the only girl. I don't think they liked sharing the spot. hehe

Josh, Tommy and Jack very nicely sharing their spoils. It was pretty cute.

The cutest three year old in the world.

I told him to give me an Easter smile. :)

Josh helped Caleb find eggs.

Here is the egg hunt at "Daddy's office." Lena blowing bubbles and Eleanore was LOVING it. Jack in the background, probably pointing at Josh, Tommy and Ethnie running around.

I feel bad I have no shots with Ethnie and Leo, but they were there too. Josh and Tommy were just into staying right in this spot by the Knight statue. :)

This is Caleb's happy "I have chocolate" dance. HeheLooking for eggs.

The starting line.

Finding the baskets. It took them not forever, but it was sure funny the way they found their baskets. Josh was looking out the window at a squirrel and found his behind the curtain (I missed it on video) and here is Caleb finding his. Happy Easter everyone!