Sunday, June 9, 2013

Oh Bedtime...

To any single mothers out there, or moms that have husbands gone a lot, I salute you or tip my hat at you...whatever phrase it is that says:

"Wow, I cannot do what you do.  Way to go." 

Wrangling three little boys and coercing them into their jammies, getting their teeth brushed, diapers changed or ensure their bladders emptied, then getting them in their room, scriptures read, prayers said and then getting them to actually get into their beds and stay there...well, it is the most daunting task of the day.

Whenever I have to do it alone, like tonight, because Tys is at a church meeting, I just want to cry.  I know that is so lame and pathetic, but that is how I felt and still kind of feel since they keep coming out of their room!

"Mom, I need to get something for Matthew."
"Okay grab it and go to bed."

2 minutes later.

"Um, Mom, I forgot to tell you about........this thing I made at church today."
"What was it?"
"Let me get it."
(the entire back pack of church stuff gets dumped and then they start playing with everything)
"You know what, just go to bed."

(playing can be heard in their room, and some arguing)

"Mom!  Josh took my hat!  I was playing wif it fust" (that is what is sounds like)  "then he hit me!"
"Josh be nice.  Both of you go to bed."

You know, this goes on and on, and I'm sure will still be going on until Tys gets home.  It is all so very exciting and really life would be so sad without it.  What would I have to write about?  Nothing. 

Tys and I stood in the kitchen today, trying to escape our ducklings for a minute, and this is how our little conversation went:

"Why did we have kids?"
"I'm not sure.  Think how rich we would be."
"Oh yes, we would be planning our fifth cruise, not just dreaming about going on one."
"Yeah!  We might even be in Italy, right now.  Cuz, why not?"
"I think it is worth it though."
Matthew walks in right then, topless, with his little baby love handles hanging over his diaper.  He grins his giant grin up at us where his eyes crinkle up and his nose wrinkles.  Seriously precious.
"Yup, totally worth it."

So really, I am grateful for my life.  And really glad I don't have to put them to bed by myself most nights.  And I'm really grateful for the quiet little breaths they take when they are sleeping and the crazy positions they sleep in, that calm my cranky heart and recharge my soul for the new day so tomorrow I can be really glad I am waking up to two little boys yelling at their little brother to stop singing at the top of his lungs and go back to sleep.

Man, I love it.

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