Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Mother of Very Little Brain

Lately my home has kind of become a fire hazard.  There are papers EVERYWHERE!  This is because my kids love to color and draw.  And any piece of paper or notebook in the house is not safe from them.  So all the bills and important documents are high up or in a locked place, at least I think so, who knows.  They always seem to find a way to make me realize nothing is truly safe from them.
Okay, so the artwork is really quite precious.  It used to be just a million scribbles and Josh writing his name over and over again.  Now, they are drawings of people and usually our family.
 Caleb’s people are pretty detailed for a three year old, at least I think so, but I don’t really know what any other three year old draws since I don’t remember what Josh did at that age.  And both of them are really interested in anatomy right now.  Thankfully, not the kind of anatomy I don’t really know how to talk to them about (minus the discussion the other day on why girls can’t take their shirts off, that was a funny story).  But they are really fascinated with the digestive system and the brain.  They also think it is pretty cool there is a human inside their mom.  So this interest comes out in their drawings and there was no other way to describe it but to show you just how cute it is. 
Now Josh draws a circle for anything he knows about inside the body, so there is a circle where the throat is and usually a circle for the brain, sometimes a few circles if you have more than one brain, which he personally has five. 
(In case you want a translation: For Cami I love Caleb Love Joshua Love Tyson Love Matthew The End)
Then of course because he is learning to write and spell he often writes who the person is or “I love Cami” or “I love Tyson” on the picture.  Really cute.  I don’t know why he always writes Cami and Tyson and not Mom and Dad, but that is just what he does.  But for the first time the other day he wrote “Mom” on a picture he drew.  I think I will keep it forever (don’t tell him I don’t keep a lot of his pictures, I really couldn’t or we would all go crazy, there would be no counter space, or space at all).  I never realized how special the name “Mom” is until I saw it on his little paper.  :)  Also, note the baby in my tummy.
Then there is little Caleb.  He is really into brains.  He will draw a picture of a person and then fill the entire face with circles, like this one.  His Daddy apparently has LOTS of brains.  Then he flips the paper over and starts drawing a picture of me and I’m thinking “Oh that is so sweet, I love how they see me.”  Then he finishes and brings it to me and says, “I didn’t draw any circles in your head because you don’t have any brains.”  Then he ran off, no apology, no laughing, he was totally serious.  Hm.  Maybe it is my lack of brains, but um, I’m not sure what to think of this.  J

Daddy with lots of brains
Mom with no brains

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  1. No brains? Hahaha! I love blunt kids can be sometimes. My kids draw on everything in sight, too... Nothing is safe when it comes to kids.