Monday, June 24, 2013

Popcorn - My Side of the Story

Okay, so Tyson loves to tell stories.  And he is a great storyteller.  But when listening to his stories, you have to realize that most of it is exaggerated and he often gets the details mixed up.

Like the last post on his blog, found here:

Well, let me just tell you, he doesn't have all the details right.  So go read his story and then come back here and read mine.

About 2 YEARS into our marriage, Tyson was telling me about how when he was on his mission he and his companion would have a discussion once a week and mention a few things that thought the other was doing really well on, and then a few things they could improve on.  So I started thinking about that and said, "Okay, what is something I could improve on?"

Well, Tys is way too smart for that and said I was perfect and didn't need to change.  (I know that isn't true, but yeah, it is still nice to hear).  So I kept prodding him and he refused to give me anything, until finally he caved and said "Okay, there is one thing that really bugs me."

As soon as he said that, I was totally horrified.  "What?!  I do something that bothers him?"  (I know, I know, I was totally asking for it, I don't know why it surprised me).

"Okay, so the water jug I put in the fridge to keep cold, you take it out and leave it on the counter.  It gets warm and that really bothers me because I put it in the fridge for a reason."

Isn't that adorable?  It was the worst thing he could think of that I did.  Or at least that was the most dramatic thing he wanted to admit bothered him.  Probably a good thing, because I felt horrible.  It really hadn't occurred to me that it would bug him at all.  So now I leave it out just to bug him, but that is only occasionally.  :)

Anyways, so then I was a little offended that he could actually think of something that bugged him, so I quickly replied "Well, the way you eat popcorn bothers me."

He really was confused.  But I mean seriously for two years I had to listen to him shoving popcorn into his mouth by fistfuls and then chewing with his mouth kind of open.  And we would usually be cuddling so it was like he was chewing super loud right near my ear.  Horrible and seriously drove me crazy.  Now his sons do it and it is still really annoying.  But Tys did try really hard to change and was super self conscious about it for a long time.  I felt really bad about that.

So of course there are things that bother people about each other, but this is my advice:
1. Don't dwell on it.  Focus on the things that you love, or these few things that aren't really important will start to grate more and more until you go crazy.
2. If it is something that really does matter and needs to be addressed, do it at the right time.  Don't mention it when you are already having a "discussion" or when they are having a bad day.
3. Do it lovingly and sometimes guys need to be told straight up or sometimes a hint works.  Tyson is way more perceptive that most guys so I'm lucky with that.  But other times, I have to come out and say it flat out, "that is disgusting, stop it."  Haha.  But always with love.  :)

Anyways, that is my version of the story.  It is something we still really laugh about and I do agree with Tys, I should have buttered him up first.


  1. Lol. You two are funny. I read Tyson's post first and saw your comment. Great insider info--from both sides.

  2. Hahahaha! This is hilarious! Trent and I tell stories differently, too. But both of these totally sound like you guys. :)