Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Our next baby is...

So I had an ultrasound this morning and we are having....

another BOY!

Crazy huh? I am really excited! At first I was completely in shock, I really didn't believe the lady. I thought she must have it wrong, but the baby was pretty open about letting us know. :) So as Tyson said, we will have 6 years of a missionary being out in serving. That is a lot of blessings. 3 little boys to keep me crazy and young. I'm pretty sure every window will get broken, there will be lots of rough housing, all the animals within a mile radius will be tortured and if they get a little sister, she will be either totally adored and protected or harrassed and teased to no end...probably a lot of both. :) I am really excited to have another one and so is Tyson. I think Josh is the most excited though. He keeps telling me he wants his baby brother to come out and walk around with him. Hehe. Now what on earth are we going to name him?!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Just more of us crazies

The boys have been so happy lately! I think it has a lot to do with the warm weather and all the flowers coming out and all the time to spend outside. They have both been such hams and so funny I can barely believe it. So here are some pictures of mostly the boys and a few of some of their friends. I will post Easter pictures soon. Snuggle time with sippy cups and Zuri.

Eating his first tuna sandwich. LOVES it. :)

Zuri and "her" kitty cat. She loves this thing, the first thing she does when she walks in the door is find it. It is so cute.

Caleb, Corbin, June, Josh and Zuri. It was a full house and way fun.

Caleb and his theater attire. :) Hehe, not really. But he loves dressing up in hats and Daddy's shoes.

Playing games with Seth. Josh still doesn't understand why Seth can't come visit for a long time. :( Off away to school.

Like I said, loves Daddy's shoes.

Josh's random nap. Little kids are so cute all the time, but especially when they are sleeping.

Daddy-son snuggle time.

We loves Aunt Bunky! Ps. Happy Birthday today!

Movie time. I LOVE how Zuri watches shows. She totally lounges like this showing off her belly. It is so adorable!

Josh got Caleb to wear this coat even though it was a really warm day. I'm pretty sure Caleb will do anything Josh wants him to.

Most nights the boys love to attack Daddy and get rides. And yes, Josh is wearing a pumpkin outfit.

To explain the outfit, the boys went to bed and didn't fall asleep for a long time, they kept making noise. Finally they stopped and fell asleep, when we went to check on them and we found clothes all over the floor and Josh wearing this, asleep. Hilarious. Then he refused to wear anything else but that for I think three or four days. That crazy boy.

Showing off the daffodils.

Caleb's first ice cream cone.


Caleb being silly after playing with and annoying Kelso (the puppy).

Josh and Kelso.

And a fun video for you to hear Caleb's adorable little voice.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mother's Day Chocolate

Just in case anyone is interested, Dove is selling boxes of chocolates for Mother's Day. They have some kinds like lemon meringue pie and chocolate mousse that are the same as the Valentine's chocolates, but they also have key lime pie and raspberry parfait and a few others. Seriously scrumptious! So if you want to get some great chocolate for your mom, let me know by the end of April!


Spring has been coming out in full force here. I will post some pictures when there are not so many little hands to yank on cords. This morning Caleb and I walked outside to see if we could see Tyson coming back from his morning walk and we came face to face with a raccoon! Needless to say I was totally freaked out, but it just ran off. Caleb loved it though. Then Josh and I saw four deer walking through our yard this afternoon. Talk about a very animal filled day. You would think we lived in the country...okay we kind of do, but still, it is in a town, just a small one.

I much prefer deer and raccoons and the occasional cat to the freaky bugs that surround this place. The other night I was brushing my teeth and suddenly this bug (my arch enemy- it looks like a giant centapeed mixed with a spider, seriously gross) likes jumps onto the counter. I'm not sure if it came from the drain or behind the faucet, but I have never been so scared. Thank heavens Tyson was there, otherwise I think I would have spit on it, toothpaste and all. Do you think that would have hurt it?

We have had a lot of friends come over lately. Not the animals and enemy bugs, I'm talking about real people. ;) Of course, Zuri comes over almost every day and she is always fun. She and Caleb remind me of twins, they scream with excitement every time they see each other. We hung out with Carter and Jacob last week which was way fun. I have to admit though, I thought I was losing my mind between the names Josh and Jacob and Caleb and Carter. Hehe. Yesterday we hung out with Leo and Ethnie which was lots of fun. Josh even invited them to stay for lunch which was quite precious. I'm glad he is so kind and I got to eat mac and cheese because of it, so cool. And then later Tommy and Jack came over. Jack and Josh got in a little fight, which was the funniest thing ever. Josh called Jack a princess and Jack basically lunged at him. Their personalities make me laugh so hard, especially since they are both so young. Then I was building stuff with waffle blocks and Josh asked me if I was building the temple. Then Tommy said, "the house of God?" It was so funny and adorable!

So anyways, I had to write these things down so I don't forget and because they make me laugh. Plus I haven't written in forever and I need to write about something. And my life is surrounded by children, so why not write about them?

Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Baby Butterfly

So, I will be 16 weeks along tomorrow. It is weird how quickly the time is passing. Josh keeps asking to see the baby and telling everyone he has a baby in his belly. Don't believe him, he doesn't. :) Caleb, as with pretty much everything, seems totally oblivious and care free of any change coming soon. He does not like it when I cry (I fully blame the hormones, however it is normal for me). He will try to pull the tears off my face, literally pull them off like string. He gets very upset that they don't come off so easy. :) Also, I felt the baby moving for sure for the first time this week. Now "she" moves all the time. I love the little movements, it makes me so happy. At mutual on Wednesday, everyone was swimming and she was kicking up a storm. It was like she wanted to get out and swim too so I think she will be a little swimmer. I have also decided to call her "fluttergibbet" since she feels like a little butterfly right now. This is my favorite part of pregnancy, for the most part no longer sick, still not huge and finally feel the baby moving around. Tyson is so sweet and lets me jabber on about every kick and all the things I think about. He is the best husband a girl could ever dream of. The Lord has given me so much, I am so thankful.