Thursday, September 30, 2010

Heck NO!

Josh is sadly still wearing pull-ups and since he has psycho bowels, I have to change his lovely poopy-ness at least twice a day, if not more. So during lunch today, Josh tells Tyson and I that he is poopy. I tell him, "Heck no, it is Daddy's turn because I am sick of changing him." He says "No way, Mama change me." (Personally, if a kid can talk like that, shouldn't he just go sit on the toilet? But whatever, it is probably something I haven't taught him.) So Tyson says, "Are you sure I can't change you Josh?" And he replies "Heck NO! Mama change me." Tyson and I bust up laughing and I think, where did he learn that? But if you look back on the conversation, you will see where. Haha

So then a few minutes later, Tyson says "Heck no," to Josh and Josh says, "Daddy, no say a bad word."

Other funny Josh sayings today:
-"Oh Josh just teasin"

-"Do you want to lift me up Mama?"
me: "Um, no"
-"Do you want to TRY?"

So I think it is official, I need to keep a Josh quote book.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I'm Wearing Blue!

I thought Josh was asleep...then I heard "Mom, are you listening to me in here?! I'm wearing blue!" I think, "what on Earth?" Then of course I was scared because what did he get into? So I ran to his room and threw open the door and he is standing there, basically modeling his outfit. He found these awesome plaid blue pants in the back of his pj drawer and was sporting them for me. What a crazy kid.

I feel bad, I never write about Caleb, he is super cute too, but Josh always does the funny things. Hmmm, I shall have to think about Caleb things.


Anyone who knows me knows that shopping really isn't my thing. Maybe it is the millions of choices or the price tags or the hours I spent shopping with my dad (he literally shops until everyone with him drops, but he keeps going, hehe), but the thought of shopping usually is the same feeling when I need to go to the doctor, sometimes necessary, but usually unpleasant.

Because of this, I really haven't gone shopping for clothes for myself since Tyson and I got married. I have gotten a few shirts every now and then, but because of my wonderful family members buying things for me, I really haven't needed anything. So after months of encouraging from Tyson, I finally decided I could go if I went with Kenni. No one is as fun to shop with as her. She always finds the perfect things for me and she is so funny about everything, without pressuring me into buying anything I really couldn't buy.

So last night we went. We made it a Hardy adventure and Chanson came with us. It was awesome! We laughed pretty much the entire time and we all got lots of fun things. Poor Tyson will probably never let me go again, at least not for several years, after he sees the bank account, but I think it was worth it. I am so happy and I feel like it is the first day of school and I am wearing something new and cute, it is great. I will have to take a picture of Kenni and I in our matching sweaters, they are hilarious. What fun!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Love you Sexy.

I am learning there are more and more things I shouldn't say around my son. My husband and I call each other sexy all the time, I think that is a good thing. That is until a few minutes ago when Josh looks at me and says, "I love you sexy Mama. Love you sexy." Yeah, it is awkward, I guess I will just stick with "handsome" around the kids. :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Nothing like a Little 4 year old to tell him what's what.

Josh had his little buddy June over today. However much Josh claims he likes a person, he still hates sharing with them. Thus he got quite upset when he had to share his car with June. After he threw a little tantrum, I put him in a chair (the outside time-out chair) to talk to him about his behavior. I told him he needed to stay there a minute to think about what happened. Then June goes marching up to Josh. Josh starts freaking out, I'm not sure why, he must have been still mad at her or worried I would get him in more trouble.

Josh: "June, go 'way! Josh in time out, Mama put Josh in time out! Go way!"
June: "Josh, I know that, just listen to me." She says this completely matter-a-factly. "Jesus and Heavenly Father want you to play with me. Are you going to be nice and share?"
Josh: A little shocked but apparently totally agreed with her argument. "Okay, sorry June."

And away they both ran, best friends again. How cute is she? I just about died laughing and still can't help laughing. She explains things way better than I can; I'm glad she can keep Josh in line. :)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to (ab)normal Life

Now summer is gone and life has gone back to the usual business. It is funny that now that Tyson works all year, summer is not really the exciting time, it is when everyone comes back from summer and is all here that things get more fun for me. It will be really weird when Josh starts school, luckily that is a few years away, or I would be freaking out. :)

So I was thinking I was going to post just normal pictures, and really they are normal, because my family isn't normal, like take Caleb in Josh's cool new Buzz glasses that his Aunt Bunky got him. He is totally my son, weird in everything he does. Hehe
And Josh, who has to sleep with four pillows
or in a pillowcase with the pillow. :)

And seriously, I grab the cheapest, lonliest looking flowers at Walmart because I wanted to give them a good home, and look how beautiful a little love (and sugar water) made them.
Especially since they are decorated with Josh's very own acorns that he collects and adds to daily. There are probably about 50 on our dining room table right now.

And this is the reflection from the front window, so random, but I thought it was neat. It reminded me of Plato's "Allegory of the Cave."

Now that Bunk is back in school, I get to watch Zuri everyday. I don't actually get to see her much since she is sleeping when she is here, but I guess that is nice too. When she does wake up and we get to hang out with her, Caleb LOVES it, and so does Josh but only for a few minutes. :)

And to top it all off, Uncle Chanson is here for school now too. I think he is rapidly becoming Josh's best friend. Chanson even put shaving cream on Josh's face. He gets him cereal when he comes, draws pictures for him, shows him little cartoons in German, has pillow fights and even takes him for rides around the house in boxes and tubs. How cool is he?

Caleb even held still in his arms, that is saying something.

So, only a week into school and things are going great. Tyson is enjoying his first class for his Master's degree pretty well. The text book reading is a little dull (okay a lot dull) but he is doing great and I was able to read the Hunger Games trilogy in like four days because of it, so huzza. :) That is also how I am able to post all this so I now I need to stop procrastinating and work on my book. I agree with KJ, September pretty much is awesome.


Last year and this year, Trent, Becca, and Trent's parents have been awesome and let the office and families come to their lakehouse for a weekend retreat of relaxation and bonding. Let me tell you, there is no place in the world like this. There are hardly any bugs, it is a gorgeous place, boating, yummy food, it is just perfect. Seriously, I can't wait until Tyson and I are rich (because we will be :) ) and have a lakehouse of our own. Of course, the yacht comes first. :) Tyson is pulling Josh, Ethnie and I around on this very comfy boat. Tyson also took me on the wave runner and almost broke my leg when he accidentally threw me off, but don't worry, I pulled him off with me. :)The view from our room. So much fun.

Action shot. Look at the arm on that stud muffin in the blue shirt. That is Josh in front of me, with the pyscho cowlicks. :)

Dallas and Amber were awesome and had enough energy to run around the boys. This is Dallas helping Caleb walk. Which by the way, he took a few steps by himself two days ago, hooray!

What a ham. I love my boys!
Breakfast of crepes on the deck outside, what could be better?

John made these fabulouso crepes, sorry the shot is so blurry, it is the only one I took.

So thank you soooooo much DeSpain family, that was wonderful and so much fun! My only regret is that I didn't go skinny dipping with Tyson, haha.

Mom and Dad Cooper Visit

Everytime anyone comes to visit, I never take enough pictures. So this time I think I did ok. :) Tyson's parents came to visit us for about a week and a half and it was a lot of fun. Josh of course had the time of his life and once they were gone, wished they were back. He asks to have for them pretty much everyday. I'm glad both he and Caleb love our families.

So Dad Cooper LOVES peanuts, I can't blame him once I tried them, it is hard to stop eating them. So he taught Josh how to shell them and throw away the shells and Josh got pretty good. They bought Josh a little Toy Story folding chair which Josh would sit next to Grandpa's chair outside and eat peanuts till the bag was gone. (I admit, I helped) :) They also took the boys and me to the zoo in Roanoke. That was a blast. I have never been to a zoo that I loved so much. It was quiet, not huge but not tiny either. It was just the right amount of walking, and it was beautiful and clean. Serious, the best zoo experience ever. This is Caleb's funky face. I had to put it on.
This is a big tiger statue that Josh and Caleb were both terrified of. This is the closest we could get Josh to go. I kept telling him his friend Tommy went up to it, but to no avail. :) I guess it looked too real.

There was even a little playground. This was the boys' favorite slide. Caleb would try to climb up it until he would fall. So funny.

Caleb loves to ride on people's shoulders, especially people who have lots of hair to grip like reigns. He doesn't ride on my shoulders for that reason, but Grandpa was nice and patient.

Josh is staring at the monkeys.

This was my favorite animal, the red panda, just the cutest, sleepiest thing. I want one as a pet, I think, if I had pounds of bamboo to feed it.

This picture just makes me laugh and laugh. It was from the little train ride around the zoo. Josh is fully giving a Tyson face. I just die laughing every time I see it.

Caleb loves his Grandma, when he sits still enough to be with her, the little squirmy creature.

This is how Josh has taken to walking, with his hands on his hips. Hilarious! What a little man.

Mom and Dad look great, but my boys do not cooperate. What's new?

Mom and Dad also got Josh (and Caleb, but mostly Josh) this little car. They actually didn't go to the store and buy it, but that is probably because I refuse to let them buy the boys very many toys, I feel like there is no room to store them and I hate picking them up. So I am the party pooper. I do love this little car though, Josh is entertained forever, he drives around the yard, filling up the "trunk" with all the acorns he can (there are acorns everywhere in our yard. If anyone has a good idea of something useful for them, please let me know). It is so nice to have him play outside forever. He is so nice to and loves to give Caleb rides in it.

Note Caleb's firm grip. :)

It is amazing how different my little boys are. Josh is so afraid of getting dirty, wet, hot. I think it might just be a phase because he didn't used to be that way. But Caleb, man, you cannot get him out of the water (or from being messy either). He LOVES the sprinkler, and he looks like Peter Pan here. :)

We set him under the water too, I don't know how he stood it, it was freezing water.

It was so much fun having Grandma and Grandpa Cooper come! Come again soon, and bring my parents with you! :) I know, I know, we need to come there, now that you are all in the same place. Huzza!

Look at me!

I have been reading the "Hunger Games" trilogy and am completely wrapped up in them. My poor children only get the bare necessities (food, clothing, naps, changing) from me when I find a good book. It is kind of ridiculous how I am, lucky for them it doesn't happen very often. So yesterday as I am intensly reading on the couch I hear Josh babbling in the background of my mind. But he talks so much now, it just sounds like crickets sometimes. :) Then all the sudden he puts his hands on my cheeks and turns my face to be a mere inch from his own. As his chocolate eyes stare intently into mine, his loud voice says, "Mama, LOOK AT ME! Josh want ICE CREAM!" I laughed so hard, it was so funny! So, I gave him ice cream, there was no way I could tell him no. After that, I decided to set the book down for a little while and enjoy the kids. I'm glad he got my attention. :)

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

These Calamities

For the past few weeks my children, especially the eldest has been going through a very..."noxious" (Josh's way of saying obnoxious) stage. To say it has been difficult to stay patient is an understatement. I know I am really blessed because Josh really is a great kid all considering, but the tantrums and the constant chatter grate on my nerves like nothing else I have ever known.

So luckily, when I first became a stay-at-home mom, I made a habit of reading my scriptures first thing in the morning. It has been one of the many saving graces of my day, not to mention my children's well being. Anyways, so this morning I pull out my scriptures and try to focus on the words. I am determined to at least get through Isaiah by the end of the year as I have been trying to read the Old Testament for the first time in my life. As Joshua is already jumping up and down and then suddenly collapsing into a fit of tears (as is his regular thing to do when he is tired), and Caleb is growling as he crawls around the room trying to play with Josh but trying to avoid being hit during the tantrum, I take a deep breath and read the first verse of Psalms 57,

"Be merciful unto me, O God, be merciful unto me: for my soul trusteth in thee: yea, in the shadow of they wings will I make my refuge, until these calamities be overpast." I burst out laughing as I liken the scriptures to myself. I feel like I am David crying out to the Lord for patience and mercy as I can barely handle these "calamities" at my feet. :)

I know my trials are very few and small, but at times they seem to be like giant herds of growling lions and stinging bees, not just two little boys who just love to growl and poke and pull at me until I can't stand it. The Lord loves me so much and I am so thankful for the scriptures and for these calamities of mine.

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed...

This morning I woke up to "Dang it! Dang it dang it!" My two year old in the other room is slamming his fist on his bed and using one of the most common explitives my husband uses. hehe, wow the things they pick up. He must have been mad he woke up. :)