Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bible Bashing

Okay, so I have never quite understood why my boys are the way they are. But this just goes to show they are a little looney. Yes, this is a Bible and yes, Caleb is laughing when he gets hit with it (don't worry it is really gentle, I made sure). We have a video of Josh when he was about the same age laughing as he got hit on the head with the same Bible. Either they think religion is funny, or they are just crazy heads. :) I love his giggles though!

A Bunch of Hams

"Mama, smile" is what he said as he handed me the camera so I could take pictures of him.

a box you will see later is now a "boat." Tommy is smiling but hiding and Josh was mad that Tommy got to sit in the front, hence the cranky face.
Ethnie, Josh, Tommy, and Leo. They are all hilarious and crazy together.

Looking at Leo.
The box before it was a boat, those are Josh's feet.
Christy was awesome and brought this box up to us. They thought it was the coolest thing ever!
PJs Aunt Katie send. Josh loves the cars.

I have been trying to download a video of Caleb laughing forever, but my computer is just not allowing it. So alas, but yeah, I love these crazy kids!
Josh came up to me today fussing about wanting to go outside. The poor little guy has been sick and I kept telling him he couldn't go out. He kept saying "Mama, old a, old a, Mama." I had no idea what that meant. He asked for my boots, which he likes to wear and his shoes, his coat. I couldn't find my boots and so finally I said, "Okay, we can go outside for a minute, but I will hold ya so your feet don't get cold." He nods his little head and says, "old a." I bust up laughing as I realize I say "I'll hold ya" all the time and this is what he thinks he needs to say to get picked up. You never realize what you say until you have a toddler copying you.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

4 1/2 months and Josh still refuses to say Caleb. Tyson and I are both trying to get him to say Caleb and he just answers "baby guy." So I look him in the face and say slowly "Joshua, say Caaallllebb." He looks at me just as serious and says "Baaabbbby Guyyyy." Sorry Caleb, I guess Josh knows better than us what your name is suppose to be. :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Month of Photos

I feel like I am blogging all the time, but that is probably because I am writing things in my head all the time and rarely get the chance to actually post it. So I can't believe it has already been a month since the last pictures, weird.

Me and my boys, early in the morning, as you can tell by Caleb's face. :) Pretty blue eyes.
Tommy brought his toy castle and he and Josh had the time of their lives throwing things at each other in there. He he

Josh's favorite outfit, and yes, those are my earmuffs wrapped around his waist.

Caleb and his funky hat when he woke up. He has to wear hats to bed because he scratches his head otherwise.

Jack, Caleb's "twin." He sits up really good now and loves it, since now he can watch the boys better as they run around.

The boys helped me make brownies. They were so good I gave them each a spoon. Tommy ate it so politely, however, my son is much more like me.

When we say "smile" this is what Josh does:

Caleb and the monkey. He really does smile a lot, but he gets confused when he sees the camera and hears my voice, so it is rare when I can catch him smile.

Josh has this weird thing about the sun. It is "too bright" apparently. :) I stinking love this picture.

My handsome husband and chubby little Caleb.

Did it ever snow here. It was so pretty but I miss being able to go on walks. The trees are so pretty right after though.

Cassie came and played with Josh in the snow. I was so glad, Tys and I were both being lazy. Sorry this picture is blurry, but huzza for "Ca-ca!"

Watching Jack and Tommy is a lot of fun, some days are better than others, but it is getting easier. They for sure make me laugh a lot. I think if I could bottle their energy I could power a shuttle through space, I'm almost positive. :) So for down time when they won't take a nap, I turn to the "Little Einsteins". Obviously, it works wonders. I love that they both have the same pose.

Look how high his head is! I'm so proud of him.

Such a cute picture. Big brown eyes and little blue ones. I love my boys.

This morning Josh is looking out the window and keeps saying "a beer" over and over again. I keep telling him that we do not have a bear outside, then I look out the window. Thankfully, it wasn't a bear, but a cute furry deer! We watched him for a few minutes and now Josh runs from window to window calling for his new friend the deer.

So yeah, that is the past month here, at least what I took pictures of.

4 Months

Dear little Caleb,

How are you so adorable? And how can I possibly stand it? You give the cutest smiles that just melt my heart, especially your Daddy's. I think that is because you love Daddy best. Yesterday you turned 4 months old. You are finally holding yourself up when you are on your belly, and you almost rolled over on accident the other day, I was so proud! You make the funniest noises! I'm pretty sure you and Josh are around purely to entertain me. You just coo, blow raspberries and giggle all the time. It is rare when you are not happy. You also, (like you did just now) take this insane breath in trying to make as much noise as possible, I have no idea why. You LOVE Josh. He has crawled into the crib with you twice now. I try so hard to be mad at him but he just loves you and you love him. You just smile when he tortures you. Like yesterday, he pushed you off the couch, you fell on the floor and I come running over so mad and so worried. You just laughed. I think you and Josh have serious thrill issues, and I blame your father entirely. :) You both look just like him, I think is another reason why I can't help but love all three of you. You are all just so gosh darn cute. I love you, thank you for coming into my life, even though I was terrified to have you. You are the cutest little "squirmy" as your Daddy calls you. We love you.

Love, Mama

Monday, February 1, 2010

Weirdest Dream Ever

Okay, so I am just one of those people that is always having weird dreams. But last night, was weirder than most and I remember it better than any of them which makes me wonder, what does it mean? I don't really think that all dreams mean something, but honestly what is going on in my subconscious?!

First thing I remember is that I am sitting on a couch, this huge ugly red one. And a kid, I think it was Josh, was pulling on my wedding ring. Suddenly the diamonds just fly off and fall into the couch. I start freaking out and dig around the cushions looking for them. I start pulling out all these random jewels of all shapes and sizes, but none of them are mine. My dream mind says "wow, a lot of people have lost their wedding ring jewels the same place as me."
So I put a few in my pocket to see if they will work on the cheap wire band on my finger (totally not like the one in real life).

Then my mom is there and she says "what are you doing?" I tell her what happened and she says "that's what you get for getting a cheap ring." (which she totally would never say or think and my ring is sweet, not cheap at all) So then I get really mad at my mom and tell her to stop making me feel awful and then I slap her! Weird huh? Then in my dream land I feel awful about it, erase that part of the dream and just ignore her. Like I said, weird.

So then my mom leaves saying "fine, take care of your own kids." I saw "fine." And then I go to another room where Prof. Jones and his wife are sitting there. I tell them my ring predicament and he says "Oh, I have had this kit since I was like 7, let me fix it." So I am really happy as he whips out this huge kit (that looks like something that belongs in the dentist's office). His wife is grinning and tells me it has been his dream to fix jewelry. As she says this, I take super glue and stick this huge hollow cupcake shape jewel onto the band, with another small one. But I think to myself, I am missing one diamond. Then Prof. Jones looks over and sees that I took care of it myself and he is totally bummed because he didn't get to fix it.

Then I hear a baby crying and I go into the other room and Caleb is laying on the table screaming because I have left him there by himself for so long. So what do I do? Leave him and walk down this weird hallway and into another room where I see a few couples watching TV, one of which is my friend Shannon and her husband. I ask them for help watching my kids. So they come running out saying they are late for a game. And I think "jeepers! I am suppose to be in that game!"

So I go running, grab my kids and run to this football game. I set my screaming kids on the sideline and run to the front of this parade where I am suppose to be a the queen bumblebee or something. I am wearing my wedding dress with a little yellow shrug, running down the field. Then I think, "why am I doing this and no one is watching my kids? I can hear them crying."

Then I wake up and Josh and Caleb were both crying, it was 5 am. They didn't go back to sleep. Crazy dream huh? Didn't even make sense in any way. Thus it only adds to my hypochondria-ness that I am pregnant. I always think I am. It is pretty funny. Ha ha, I'll let you know.