Monday, December 29, 2008

Photos, mostly of Josh of course.

If you look closely, Josh is finally getting hair! It is so funny.
Okay, I know this picture looks horrible, but I thought it was so funny because he woke up screaming and I ran in there and I find him like this. How he managed to get his arm out of his pjs, I'm not sure, so I ran to get the camera and don't worry, I picked him right up afterwards, it was just so funny!

Our tree hunt, I walked right in and saw and said "that is it, I will have no other." I came, I saw, I conquered.

Don't my boys look so cute? We even put Josh in his woodsman hat Bunk gave us especially for the occasion. This was the day Kenni and Chris found out they are prego. Weird and Huzza!

Okay so one of my favorite things about Christmas is the mess after opening presents. I know that sounds weird but I love looking around and it is the one day of the year that a mess means you and the people you love most are having a great time. It is sooo much fun! This is the little mess we made, it was so fun! I can't wait until next year, hopefully we will have another little person to make even more of a mess. This is our beautiful Christmas tree. I picked it out and I have never been prouder of a tree in my life. It is just a few inches taller than me and strung fabulously with fruit loop strands. :) Perfectly edible for little people.

This is our little dude man looking like a hot shot on his little race car, looking like his Uncle KJ. I stinking LOVE this outfit from Tyson's Aunt Judy.

Another shot of Josh in his cute outfit

Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Past Month

okay, so it has been way too long since I wrote. And since I am stuck at home feeling completely sick, well, I am feeling way better than the past few days, I decided I should finally write something. Here are some of the going-on's of the past month:
-Christmas was wonderful! Tyson and I couldn't wait for Josh to wake up so we could set him in front of the Christmas tree and have him open all his presents. He was scared at first because we had been telling him not to for so long, but after a few presents, he was tearing them open and shaking and panting like a dog, he was so excited for each one. It is way more fun on Christmas with kids!
-Two days ago we went to the temple, and although I used an entire roll of toilet paper blowing my nose on the 7 hour drive there and back, I was so glad we went. Tyson was able to go in and do an endowment session for my Great-Grandpa Charles who was married to Mary Claire (my namesake). Tyson came out so happy, it was wonderful. And Josh and I got to hang out in the visitor's center until the lights came on (gorgeous!), and I also got to see Sister Katie Hamblin from my high school days, pretty neat.
-I finished my photo class a few weeks ago. I am sad not to have a class with Kenni, but I am really glad I don't have that stress anymore. It was a really fun class and I didn't realize until after the class ended just how much I had actually learned.
-I lost my job. This probably was the hardest thing for me because I absolutly love the family I babysat for. I am still not quite sure if they didn't need me anymore because their situation changed, or because they didn't like me as a babysitter, but I hope it was more of the first. :) However, Tyson and I did give them the "Joy to the World" DVD and a Book of Mormon for Christmas, and that was a really wonderful experience for me, and hopefully for them as well.
-Little Josh is cruising all over the place now and babbling constantly about something, I'm pretty sure he mostly talks about how much he wants food. :)
-My cell phone and our DVD player on the lap-top (we don't have a TV, nor do we want one) both broke, so we have been a little technology challenged as late.
-And, probably coolest of all, my brother Yance and his wife, Kimmy were sealed in the Salt Lake Temple on the 20th. I wasn't able to be there but I heard it was wonderful and amazing and I am so happy for them.

And many other things happened, mostly just fun and wonderful things. I have to run because Josh is waking up and the poor guy isn't feeling good either. Love you all and Merry (late) Christmas!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Butter Making and Birthday Celebrating

So this past few weeks have been crazy busy, and looking at our calander and the thousands of Christmas parties we have, it is only going to get busier. I'm glad, as much as I'm a home person, I love to be with other people, especially to celebrate something like Christmas. Well, so we had a great Thanksgiving. We didn't have food poisoning (Tyson and mine first Thanksgiving experience together), and I wasn't 9 months pregnant like last year, plus we got to eat with Kenni and Chris and Chris's cousin, Whitney. Bunk and I divided up the cooking and so not only was it fun, I had it easy. Tyson and Josh made butter together, and it was so cute. Josh is really loving being with Tyson and it is so cute to see the change and the love deepen in our little family over the past year. Then, this past Saturday, little Josh had his first birthday. True, he probably had no idea what we were all excited about, but he loved it. Kenni made him a cupcake cake that looked like "Swampy" the alligator, and it looked soooo cute! Josh dug into that thing before we even started singing. He absolutly loved the frosting, as you can tell by his face. Oh, and he loves to glare at people. Tyson taught him to, and everyone keeps encouraging him, which isn't always great because now he glares at random people, especially at church. Well, I don't know how to undo that, especially since it is so funny. But I love having a one year old. He sure is crazy and so much fun!

Monday, November 24, 2008


So reading Marissa and Kirsten's blogs and seeing their 7 days of gratitude got me thinking I needed to post my gratefullness (pretty sure I spelled that wrong, don't tell anyone my degree was English) as well. All this month, Tyson and I have written 10 things we are thankful for each night before we go to bed. At first I thought that would be kind of hard because we can't do any repeats. Well, I guess I never realized how blessed I am and all the little things that surround me that I would have such a hard time living without. Like dental floss, pillows, gloves, mail boxes, hair elastics, and the one drawer we have in our kitchen. :) I love November, I think it is one of my favorite months. True, outside looks pretty dismal but so many wonderful things happen that month. Everyone is really excited because there is a long break from work, school and the normal routine of life at the end of the month, not to mention a huge feast. Plus, Christmas is soon so that magical feeling is always in the air seeping into our homes and our hearts. It is hard not to be happy right now. And plus, last year at this time little Josh was so close to coming into our lives. In five days we get to celebrate his 1st birthday and I am so excited. True, he is exhausting and sometimes frustrating, but I love him so much, and I can't imagine my life without him. And of course I think every day is wonderful because Tyson is in it. My life is so full and wonderful because of him. Every evening when we get home from work it is like a party. We are always doing something fun and enjoying each other's company. I know that right now, even though he is at work and busy, I know in the back of him mind he is thinking about me and hoping I am doing well and always loving me. I know that because no matter what I am doing, I am loving him and thinking of him too. The Lord has been so good to bless me with so much. My life is filled with happiness. I have so many friends and people that love me, so much food in the cupboards and fridge, so much warmth in our apartment, so many happy memories, so much to be thankful for. Thank you to everyone that reads this, because I know you care about me and I'm thankful for you.

Friday, November 14, 2008

The Exhausting Age...

So I don't think I have ever been so tired, and I know it is only going to get worse. There is nothing more wonderful to me than being a wife and a mother. But Josh sure can wear me out. He has learned to do sooo much in the past week. Let's see...he can:
-climb on the couch
-climb off the couch
-push off all the books, pictures, and anything else on the table next to the couch that he used to not be able to reach, but now he can
-he can climb/fall into the bathtub
-he can open the toilet lid
-he can flush the toilet
-he can find, and open tampons :)
-he can tear up my notes for class
-he can tear pages out of my scriptures
-he can take all his clothes out of his drawers (well, he has been able to do that for awhile, but he does it way more than usual now)
-he only wants to eat cheese and bananas
-he can stand up on his own
-take a few steps on his own
-open DVD covers
-climb on the couch and throw toys in between couch and the wall
-help me (kind of) clean up all his messes

Basically, it is an adorable age but I have kind of given up cleaning. The house is a total wreak and often looks like hurricane Joshua has just blown through, but it is a lot of fun. He is so giggly and full of hugs. I love being a mom, but that is what I have been doing for the past few weeks, just cleaning and trying to laugh off the destruction going on in my home. :)

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Lia Sophia Jewelry

So Kenni and I went to this jewelry party at our friend's house and now we are both hosting a little party at our homes because we just fell in love with the stuff, and hey, we love parties (We are Hardy's and so that is what we are all about: "Party Hardy" as my Dad would say). Haha, so anyways, you should check out this website:

I don't really ever wear jewelry, but I love looking at it, so hey, if you like to look, check it out. Anyways, just thought I'd share.

Friday, October 31, 2008


So Happy Halloween to you all! All morning I was playing dress up and absolutely loving it. It reminded me of the time Kristen, Heath and me all dressed up in the weirdest outfits, just laying dress up clothes on, and driving around town and then crashing Stephen's party. Good ol' times. I don't think I will ever grow up. But anyways, what I really wanted to say is Happy Birthday to my little brother, Chanson. Happy Birthday Buddy! Thanks for letting us call Josh "puggles," I knwo that is what we called you. :) I can't believe you are 17, all to soon you will be leaving home and going on a mission and living your own life, probably somewhere in Europe. Hehe, especially since you speak German, or Russian, or Latin, or maybe all three. :) Chanson, you have always amazed me. You are not afraid of anything it seems and you have always been so smart and good. Thanks for always being my friend. I still feel so bad for all the years I was just a mean big sister and beat you up all the time. I hope you always know that I love you and I think about you all the time. I'm so glad little Joshua loves you and your hair. :) I love you tons and tons! I hope you have a great day and remember a little family out in Virginia loves you very much...well, two little families including Bunk and Chris...and if you include your little slew of women out here that adore you as well, the list could get pretty big. Hehe. I love you!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Dear Diary...

So, since I have gotten back from Utah, I have been reading through all of my journals since I brought them all back with me. Oh, man, I have gotten nothing done but I have been having a riot just laughing at myself and my past memories! So, I decided, especially after chatting a bit with Heather today, that I just must share some with you all. :) So here goes...

Saturday January 26, 2002 (16 years old)

This one is dedicated to Tyson. ;) I love you Hunny.

"Glory of all glories,
So many complicating things have happened and I am the midst of complete confusion and caous....I want to marry a guy who loves me in every mood. Who cherishes every smile. Who stares at me but it is never uncomfortable. Who knows I make mistakes, but still loves me anyway. He will want a million kids and we will have fun naming them. A man who will take care of me when I'm sick, who will hold my hand. A man who will know I need him, a man who looks me in the eyes and sees beauty, and when I look in his I see stars. I just want the other half of me. I love you where ever you are. You are in my dreams and I pray I will one day become who I want to become. A girl of goodness and smiles and hugs and happiness. I will find you, when I find myself. But perhaps on my quest to find myself, I will find you and we will take the journey together! Look to the stars, my love, I am racing you there, and loving every step of the way. And from there, we will go to the moon, and then, to Heaven. I begin my journey today, I will try my very best. My words for you are this: until I meet you remember to keep your head straight and to do good things. Remember God's love, and never forget that the reason to be on Earth is to reach Him. I look forward to the day we meet, and to every day after that.
A Woman in Progress,
Camden Claire Hardy"

Friday 3/17/00 (14 years old)

"Dearest Journal,
Today makes up for every bad day I have had or will have during the rest of my life. Stan is the most darling, sweetest boy ever! School was awful and I shan't talk of awful things, so, I shall continue on to this evening. I went to Jenny & Lizzie's birthday party. You know that I seem to be at a different party every weekend. Well, that is true. Why is this one so different, Stan was there. When someone says his name I tickle from head to toe, I feel lucious grandness at the sight of his face. I can't seem to get him out of my mind. Well, I guess I should tell you why. For awhile now I have thought him cute, a gentleman, and very nice. But tonight I found out more. Unfortunatly for me, I had told Kristen's that I thought he was nice. I haven't been left alone about him since, well it got worse at the party. He walked in and said 'hi' to me. That was normal but Kristen's made fun of me. Nudging me or raising their eyebrows. I love my friends dearly, but I don't think they quite understand. I wanted just to admire him from a distance but, they wanted me to talk to him. Well, okay that's fine except for the fact that I would have no idea what to say! Besides, I think he thought me very strange anyway....(there is a lot of information on the little hi and glances from Stan, but I will just skip to the end since Tyson is waiting for me) Then we had to leave, I was thinking of the sad depression. I had to leave him, but I got to ride home with him. I was squished right next to him, which he was very polite about. I do believe he looked at me when he left. Maybe I am just crazy and making this whole thing up. But I do believe it happened. I really hope so. How I love his shining face! How deliciously grand!
Love, Cami"

Wedsday 6/16/99 (13 almost 14 years old)

"I am so mad at K.J., Chanson, Yance and Dane. They are killing little birds right now. I told them to stop but they completely ignored me. I stole K.J.'s pelets and I wouldn't give them back. KJ swore at me. I have never heard him swear before and I was furious and heart-broken at the same time. I ran up to my room screaming, my fists clenched. I haven't ever felt so betrayed and hurt. I wish all the birds would fly away so they couldn't hit them anymore. I don't really know how I will ever forgive them. I am quite mad.

P.S.-Kage, this is just for you since you all love teasing me about this story. Hehe, I was laughing so hard when I read it. Just so you know, this is what I wrote the next day, "I think I was a little upset yesterday I way over reacted." :)

July 29, 1998 (13 years old)

"Dear Journal,
Today Carmel is 11 months old. We got the internet today! Its awesome! Me and Kenni got in a small quarel today. She was mad (I don't know why) And I was mad because she was mad with me. Mom got me a book today called Emma. I haven't started reading it yet, but I will soon. It is 10:35 right now. I watched sense and sensibility again today. I love that movie. Well, gotta go. I'll wbasap!

September 13, 1997 (12 years old)

"Today was kind of weird. I got up and me and all the kids had to weed. I weed for what seemed like forever! It was kind of fun though. I did some of my homework, I did it up in K.J.'s treefort. Me and Kenni climbed down after awhile and ate some cerel. Then we did some more homework in our car, the big red sub. Then my mom went to the grocery store and some other places with Yance and K.J., me and Kenni had to babysit Chanson, Ammon and Carmel. We went on a walk and Chanson got trampled by Missy, our neighbors dog. When my mom came home we watched this really scary movie called Mars Attacks! Every body died but a boy called Rickie, his grandma, a boxers wife and two kids and the boxer, the presidents daghter and a girl named Hannah or something like that. It was really freaky! I had a few nightmars about it! Well, Gotta-Go!
Love, Cami"

September 18, 1995 (10 years old)

"I would like to bear my testimony I know the church is true. I know Heavenly Father lives. All the teachers I've had I know hat they are the right ones. That even when I want to do something else I know that church is right.
I just wanted to say that because I knew I had to say it for my relatives....
I did my first day of orcestra today. (I am playing the violen.) It's really neat.
I am reading Return of the Indian. It's a nice book. Maybe somday you will read it.
I am going to have a goal, to try to write in my journal every day.
End of Day."

p.s.- just a note to the reader, I am including in this all the grammar and spelling errors, just for the full effect. Not that I would know if there are spelling mistakes, I still can't spell.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

So long

Just some random shots for all to enjoy... the ones that are actually good are ones Tyson took while he was watching Josh while I was in the temple a few weeks ago. They are both so good to me.
It has been a long time since I have written. It is always hard for me to write to the puplic when I am not happy. But finally tonight, I am happy and thoughtful, the two best things for a writers mind in my opinion. Not to mention, I just baked some brownies, yum. So, let me explain the last few weeks. I have been really busy with work, my three classes, being a mom and wife, etc. If you have read Kenni's blog you know that we tried to fly out to Utah a few weeks ago and EVERYTHING was going wrong. So we bought tickets again for last weekend. And we did go, everything went great and Delta was so opposite from our last trip and was wonderful and kind and it was great. Josh flew splendidly and all was grand. I am sorry to everyone in Utah because I did not tell anyone we were going to be there. My grandma was really sick and I wanted to spend time with my family, especially since we could only be there for a few days. Then the day before we flew out, Thursday, October 2 at 4:05 pm Utah time, my grandma slipped from this world to the next one. It was exactly a day later that Kenni, Josh and I arrived. So I never got to see her again after KJ and Court's reception, but I suppose that is best. I don't handle death very well and it hurts me really bad to see the people I love in pain. I haven't really cried yet about it, maybe because I know she would have hated to have been fussed over, and she knows that where she is now is much better and she is much happier. But if any of you heard bag pipes on Sunday afternoon, they were playing for her. She loved the Scotts and their music. I miss her, but I have my memories and that is all I need and want. I hope she knows just how much she meant to me and that I love her. I am glad I went and I did have a great time with my family. The girls hung out a lot, and it is so weird having so many sisters now, it is so much fun. I still find it rather amusing that I always told myself one day I would get a big sister when my brothers got married or maybe the guy I would marry would have a sister older than me. Funny, but I am still the oldest. I don't feel like it though, which is good. I'm glad I am pretty immature and silly, otherwise my maternal side would completely take over and I would be an old ninny. Hehe, anyways, enough of my rambling...just thought I should write and say something. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten you all.

In Memory of Jackie Rose (Gramms)

Lover of hot spices,
and desert sun rises.
A reader,
a thinker,
a dragon-like temper.
A spoiler of grandchildren,
and raccoons.
A whistler of the Dixie tune.
Make you laugh until you cry,
greatest fan of the Jazz,
maker of delicious blueberry cream pie.
Enjoyed a rather solitary life,
but dwelled on her blessings,
we never knew her strife.
May Heaven ring with your laughter,
we will see you again in the life ever after.
I will miss you Gramms, thanks for all you have done for me. I love you.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Life takes its turns

Here are the latest pics for my class. Well, some are just of Tys and I on a picnic we took Josh on. Tyson gave Josh a stick and rocks to teach him to be a man. So Josh learned to skip rocks, well, kind of. It was soooo cute! So life for our little family has been great. Last night though we found out that my Grandma has a tumor in her stomach and she is getting surgery to remove it. I guess it is really bad, so if you get a moment, please pray for her and my mom. They need comfort. Thanks.

P.S.- The little girl is one of the kids I babysit and in one of the fabulous pictures of Josh, yes he is wearing my socks on his hands and his pants on his head. This is what happens when he plays dress up with Daddy. ;)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

A New Life

So of all my phases in life, this is the busiest, and the most rewarding. Can I just tell you how much I love it? Every day I wake up to either Josh or Tyson, (both favorites), or both. Josh has been really cranky lately, he just got his fifth tooth and now we are pretty sure he has an earache and he didn't sleep much last night. I have to admit, that is probably the hardest part about being a parent. Even with the wishing I had more sleep or more alone time or one trip to the bathroom by myself, the one thing that kills me is when there is nothing I can do to help. But the cool part about being a mom is no matter how useless I am, just my presense makes him feel better. So I am taking a photography class and a writing class. Both are going really well. I love being back in the learning circle. I am working in the afternoons, I pick up a 3 year old from school and so we have two carseats in the back of our 2 door car now. :) I take her and Josh back to her house and watch her and her 2 older siblings. It is going well, but I sure am worn out by 5. So Tyson and I try to invite people over for dinner to be more social, so I have dinner to cook and prepare when I get home, then when Josh goes to bed, we always relax and watch movies or play Mancala or Battleship (my personal fav). Well, anyways, gotta go, the munchkin is awake, like I said, 5 more minutes. But hey, who wants em when you got such a cute snotty little kid? :)
these are some shots that I took for my class. Enjoy.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Hannah (Goofus)!


Wow, you are 13, I can't believe it. You have grown up so much in the 2 years that I have known you. You are so fun and sweet. Thank you for all the omelettes you have made me and for making me feel so welcome in your family when I was such a new addition to it. Thanks for helping take care of Joshua while we were out there, that was so nice of you. We love you so much and are so thankful for the wonderful person you are!

Sorry this is a day late...