Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day

I love holidays, any days that I can give or receive presents.  I just love the excitement of it.  For father's day, I think Tyson had a good day.  We gave him his present early because we went to the drive in nearby and since we got him a camping chair, we figured he would want to use it.

On Sunday I woke up way too early with my Matthew guy and we made breakfast.  I thought for sure Josh and Caleb would join me and help, but the one day they slept in was that day.  It was probably a good thing.  :)  So we had a yummy breakfast and I kept trying to take care of Tyson all day, but he kept telling me it was my day, the stinker.  But this was the cutest part about Father's Day for me:

Tyson guest posted on the blog: The Wondering Brain.  I thought it was the sweetest thing about becoming a father.  You should totally read it.


Not to mention, the cutest pictures of our little guys!

Happy Belated Father's Day to Tyson, the most incredible husband and father.  And to both my wonderful Dad and Tyson's Dad and my grandpa: Papo.  They are all amazing and I have learned so much from each of them.  I hope to always teach my boys to look up to you too!!  I'm excited to see them grow up (although it is pretty sad in some ways seeing how fast they are growing) and become dads too.

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  1. That is the cutest picture in the whole world!!! Your boys are so, SO cute.