Friday, June 21, 2013


I don't know about you, but I am SOOO thankful that we don't have enough money for me to make all the sugary things that I want.  I don't have the self control and apparently I am a severe addict to sugar.  Like seriously, some people feel thirsty, not me, I just crave sugar. 

When Caleb was a newborn, he wouldn't stop crying.  The only way I could cope with it and not freak out was to eat the double chocolate cake my mother-in-law had been so kind to leave me.  So he would cry, and I would eat a bite, he would cry some more and I would eat more.  Then I would feed him hoping that would help and a few minutes later he would just cry harder.  It was a horrible morning.  Until I realized that maybe he was reacting to what I was eating.  I had to cut chocolate out of my diet for a month. 


But at least my baby wasn't crying constantly.

Now it has gotten really bad.  I think I almost get to the point of having my hands shake if I don't have sugar in my system.  And blast Pinterest.  It so doesn't help my problems.  So I think I need to go to SA: Sugar Anonymous.  I need help.  Problem is I don't really want to fix the problem.  I just want more sugar.  That is what my mind tells me will fix this problem.  Which, who am I kidding, we know will only make it worse.  But seriously, look at these mouth watering goodies and tell me they don't call to you too.  Then please tell me how to begin to not want sugar.  I am going to need some serious help.


  1. My mom went off chocolate for a while after my oldest brother was born. She's never been as addicted as my Dad and me, but for health reasons she decided to cut back. She replaced it with other things--like karob chips and natural-style licorice (this was when they owned a health food store). That's the only thing I've heard that works--replacing it with something else.

    Too bad nothing else is as nummy!

  2. At least the strawberries are healthy??? I'm a sugar addict, too... We should start a club...And by club I mean get together and just chow down on sugar until we're sick. That's a club, right? ;)

  3. Actually, it's SAA, Sugar Addicts Anonymous. Except for the part that it's really hard to quit if you're trying to do it anonymously. I'm also an addict and get withdrawals. I'll let you know if I figure out how to fix it. I think it needs to be taken more seriously by everyone!