Monday, July 1, 2013


Tyson: "Men don't cry.  Only boys cry.  So the question is Matthew, are you a man or a boy?"
Matthew just stares at him.
Caleb: "Yup, men don't cry.  Only boys.  And mamas they cry.  They cry all the time.  That is okay.  Mama cries all the time.  Lots of times I find her crying.  That is okay.  Girls can cry.  Especially mamas."

Got to love the honest truth from his little mouth.  I can't hide anything.  Like today, I took the boys shopping at a local store to get a few things for Tyson's birthday present.

Me: "Okay guys, you can't tell Daddy we went here today.  We don't want him to know about his surprise."
Josh: "Right.  So we will tell him we came here but we won't tell him what we got."
Me: "Sure...but you don't have to tell him we came here either."
Caleb: "I know, I will just say, 'Daddy, we didn't get you ANYTHING today.  Nothing.  Nope.  Didn't buy him anything."

And that is exactly what he said the next time he saw Tyson.  And Josh basically told him some of the things we bought, then he tried to cover it up by saying,
"Um, well, I'm not sure what mom got.  Did you get that for him Mama?  I wasn't really watching."

Bless their little hearts.  Tyson will never have a surprise.  :)

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