Monday, July 15, 2013


Usually every Sunday Tyson has church meetings and visits all morning.  That means I get the three boys and myself ready for church before Tyson comes to pick us up.  It isn't horrible, and the boys are usually pretty good about getting ready.  It does wear me down and by the time church comes and we corral the kids onto a row of seats and try to keep them from fighting and being loud for an hour before their classes, I am exhausted.  But I know it is worth it.

For two weeks in July every year, our congregation does a thing called "family weeks."  It is where there are no meetings outside of the three church hours a week unless absolutely necessary.  So yesterday was the beginning of those two weeks.  Tyson got to stay with us all morning!  It was so relaxing.  He let me take a shower, blow dry AND straighten my hair.  I don't think I have done that all in one stretch for like months, if not years.  He also gave the three boys their baths and got them ready.  I was so relaxed at church that I actually paid attention.  It was great.

Then this morning I found a note from Tyson in a couple's journal we have (we take turns writing notes to each other in it - an idea I got from  He wrote about our anniversary and how he is excited for our next seven years together.  He mentioned how old our boys will be then, how all of them will be in school (including the one I am pregnant with).

That seems so weird.  Only seven years from now and my life will be TOTALLY different.  Seven years used to seem like a long time, but now it really doesn't.  I'm sure I will still have to convince the boys to get ready for church.  Maybe they will be wearing real ties then, not the clip-ons.  I'm sure I will be just as exhausted and at a loss for how to convince my boys of anything since they will probably all be taller than me or getting close.  I'm sure I will be grayer and my eyes will be puffy in the mornings.  That will be weird.  :)  I might even be getting wrinkles.

But I will still love my boys and still love my Tyson.  Even more than I do now.  I am so lucky to have them all.  Even if Josh loves to turn the couches into pirate ships, Santa's sleigh, or (like it currently is) a hot tub, which is totally wrecking all the cushions and breaking the springs.  And even if Caleb cries if ANYONE comes close to him while he is playing because most likely they will tease him and wreak what he is doing or steal it (yup, Josh just stole Caleb's coloring book).  And even if Matthew gets into everything and in the short time it takes me to go to the bathroom, he has taken everything out of the cupboard and tried to open the nail polish remover and all kinds of lotions (I am only relieved from his antics because he is currently taking a nap.  Thank the heavens for naps).  And even if Tyson LOVES to poke the baby and make it move and push me so I have to pee and feel like my ribs are breaking at the same time.  I'm sure I would miss all these things if I didn't have them.  I know I am lucky and blessed.  I am so thankful for what these last seven years have brought me.  I know I have already written about it, but I am excited to see what the next seven bring.

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