Friday, July 12, 2013

Birthday Bashes

This last week is always full of celebrations.  My birthday, Tyson's birthday AND the 4th of July, and our anniversary. 

It is great, I LOVE it.  It really is like Christmas in July.  Tyson spoils me WAY too much on my birthday.  He usually gets to take the day off of work which is super fun, but this year I told him not to because I wanted him to take our anniversary off instead.  So my birthday came and I asked Tyson what he wanted for breakfast.

Tys: "I don't feel like eating our food.  Do you?"
me: "Um, why wouldn't we eat our food?"
Tys: "I think we should go somewhere to eat."
me: "are you serious?"

So we did.  We went to Waffle House.  If anyone knows me, they know I LOVE breakfast food, anytime of the day.  And I love Waffle House.  I think the southern environment is awesome and I love the waffles.  So that is where we went and the waitress was super nice.  She gave the boys each a cooking hat, which was adorable and they loved it.  There was a guy sitting behind us that came up to us and told us we had a really special family and that we are really blessed.

True that sir.

So I thought Tys was just going to go into work late, but he decided to go to the free movie with us (they have free kid movies twice a week at our local theater).  It was so fun!  A little crazy with Matthew, but hey, we didn't have to pay anything, so it wasn't a big deal that I kept having to get up with the little stinker.  The movie was about dragons and Caleb especially was in heaven.  He kept saying how "AWESOME" the dragons were.  Precious.

Then we went home and Tys just didn't go back to work.  He gave me my present which was a coupon/gift certificate book full of gifts from other people.  Like a girls night from my friends, a hair cut from my sister, lunch with my mom, massage from my dad, ice cream with my sister, pedi from my mom-in-law, and of course unlimited devotion from Tys (I loved that one).  It was the cutest idea and was SO sweet that he went through so much trouble for me and that I have so many people that love me.

Then Tys took all of us and my mom out to dinner too, and he ended up never going into work which he had also been planning on all along.  He seriously is perfect.

His birthday however, was not so perfect.  We went to a bike parade with the boys in the pouring rain, they handed out hot dogs afterwards and Tyson finally got to get one, but they were all out.  Then we had to stop by the store because I needed a few more supplies for his party later.  While I ran in the store, Tys drove the boys around the store.  Behind the store was a GIANT puddle, like the coolest thing you have ever seen.  So being the cool dad he is, he drove through it.  Awesome, the boys loved it.  Then when they came around, they picked me up and went to drive through the puddle with me so I could experience it.  Halfway through the super cool splash, the car dies and slowly coasts to the other side.

It doesn't start.

So we think it needs to dry out.

Still doesn't start.

We push it to a different position thinking that might help.  Nope, no go.

It is boiling hot and humid by now and poor Tyson is spending his birthday super mad at himself and the car and hot and hungry.  I hate moments like that.  I have no idea what to do to help and I can't fix the problem.

Thankfully my dad came and got us and we got home in time to get ready for the party and celebrate with our friends.  But Tyson was tired and frustrated about our stranded car, so he was not himself which only made him more frustrated.  Then we were playing with sparklers and Matthew reaches up and grabs the flame totally burning his hand.  Thankfully no emergency trip was needed, thanks to this awesome healing cream for burns my friend gave me.  Needless to say, it wasn't the best birthday for Tyson.  Not to mention my present for him (he will be mad I said this) was pidly in comparison to all the amazing stuff he did for me.

But our van is fixed now and not totally ruined like I was afraid it would be.  It wasn't cheap, but it drives like a dream now.  :)  And I really am sure we will look back on that day and laugh.  All I know is, I am going to do something amazing for that hunk of mine next year for his birthday.  I just don't know what yet...

Oh and for our anniversary, he surprised me and took me to a local Bed and Breakfast.  Seriously.  How lucky can I get?  He really is incredible.  I told him I am afraid he is secretly really ill or something because he has been WAY too nice to me.  :)  He says he isn't, so let's hope that is true.

So yeah, minus being uncomfortably pregnant, life is really good.
 One layer from the seriously mouth watering cake that Tys made me.
 Super cute 4th of July cupcakes (and yes the flags are marshmallows)

The Star Trek Enterprise cake I attempted to make Tys.  It didn't turn out too bad and Em was there to add a few more accurate details about the ship.

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  1. very sweet. he takes such great care of you! Good job Tys! Happy birthday/anniversary to you guys!