Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Stroll in the Rain

Tyson dropped me and the boys off at the library today because he needed the car.  He was going to come back and pick us up, but the boys were restless and I thought "what is a little walk in the rain?"  Haha

I did not have a stroller, but Matthew has little legs that work, so we will be fine.  And it was just sprinkling.  So, we started off.  Of course, Matthew can walk just fine, but they are really tiny steps.  Works great for me right now, since I walk at about the same pace with the waddling.  Josh and Caleb stayed at our pace for about um, 10 seconds.  Then they ran ahead, would get to a corner and then turn and run back.  This worked great for several blocks.  Matthew had to stop every two seconds and admire the grass or pick up a rock or stick or bug or anything that looked interesting.  So basically everything.

Well, we got to about a normal human five minute walk from our house and the older boys didn't wait at the corner.  They looked both ways and then crossed the street and walked up the giant hill that apparently marks known territory so they felt comfortable to march ahead.  I didn't think much of it.  Until Matthew and I started up the hill.  It is no easy thing walking 8 months pregnant up a hill.  It is totally not easy when almost 2 year old thinks he is incapable of walking on his own.

Me: "Matthew, come on Buddy.  We need to catch up to Josh and Caleb."
Matthew, sitting stubbornly on the damp sidewalk: "Nuh-uh"

I look up the hill and there are my little boys who suddenly think they are not so little, at the very top, turning the corner into a street that goes in front of Tyson's office and out of my sight.


So I picked up Mr. 25lbs and marched/waddled/almost fell backward several times.  It was great.

That is when my phone rings.  It is Tyson, "Hey, I am back in town, do you want me to come get you."
Me: "Um, yeah, that would be a bit of a problem.  You can get me and Matthew, but I think I have lost the older too."
Tyson: "What do you mean lost?"
Me: "They kind of got ahead of me and now I can't see them."

So Tyson drove to me, picked up the 'too tired to walk' kid and then we continued the search, him in the car, me on foot.

Luckily just a few seconds later, one of Tyson's co-workers called saying that two of his kids were playing at the fish pond by themselves.  So we found them, they were totally fine.  But I have learned my lesson:

Never walk with a two year old and other kids unless you are capable of walking really fast carrying the kid or have a stroller.  Or just never leave the house.  Or maybe it is that I need to actually exercise and stop eating the mountains of cake and sugar that everyone has been nice enough to give me.  I'm not sure.  Maybe it is just not get pregnant in the first place.  Totally kidding.  I would have no funny stories if it wasn't for these kiddos.  :)

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  1. Hey there! I couldn't believe when I looked around that I have no other way to get a hold of you, except for through your blogs. Lol. Crazy! Anyways, my four kiddos and I will be in BV the week of July 14th -20th and I would love to see you and your family of boys! E-mail me at, when you get this so we can make plans! :) Love the stories!