Monday, July 22, 2013

Pregnancy Ramblings

Minus being completely exhausted every day, the last few weeks of the pregnancy are going well.  I've given up hiding my leg with all the heat and I have gotten several comments "what is wrong with your leg?" and "is that from being pregnant?!"  I feel bad for people that haven't had kids yet, especially my siblings, it really freaks them out and I'm sure makes them have even less desire to have kids of their own (not that being around my kids doesn't do that enough).  I will spare you any pictures of it because it just looks like big purple bruises.  Who wants to see that?

But it is all going well and I am really excited to have the little guy.  My little sister is awesome and throwing me a baby shower even though she has so little time to plan it.  She is so excited about all the games and decorations, things that I would be a mess trying to plan.  I am so glad everyone is different and likes different things.

I am a little nervous to have the little one too.  I keep having terrifying dreams.  Like I can't breath during labor or he has a mutilated face or other such horrible things.  Then I wake up like I haven't slept, which I don't think helps my sleepiness.  It is so silly to be nervous, it isn't like I haven't had kids before.  This isn't anything new for me.  But I guess it is because I have learned that I can never expect what will happen.  I thought everything would be easy and simple with my first delivery and I had a C-section.  My second kid, I ended up having to have my water broken and be kind of induced because the fluids were so low.  Then I got an epidural and it took a really long and painful time to have him, but I did have a VBAC.  So with my third, I thought it would be a long labor.  Nope, made it to the hospital and 8 minutes later he was born, all natural (with a lot of screaming on my part, I had no clue how painful it would be and I was kind of freaking out).  So with this one, I just know to expect the unexpected.  I have been practicing my breathing so as not to scream at everyone this time in case he does come quickly, but yeah, I just don't know.  I wake up every morning wondering if today will be the day.

And now that little unknown Prince's child in England is born, I keep worrying the ONE name Tyson and I can agree on will be his name and everyone will think we are naming him after the little highness.  I guess I worry too much if I am really worried about that huh?  :)

So I try to distract myself from my brain thought processes by cleaning and sleeping whenever I get a chance.  I scrubbed the bathroom today, even though I have little knowledge on what cleaning products to use for what (sorry mom, I didn't pay enough attention to all your hard work).  And I cleaned a mirror.  Hooray for me!  Then I laid down because that was obviously all the energy I had in me.  My poor kids.  They want this baby to come more than I do so they can actually have their normal mom back.

Since my due date keeps changing, but we will keep it in the middle-ish, so I have 11 days left.  That isn't too bad right?  It is funny how the last few weeks seem to last as long as the previous 9 months.  I'm sure this will not be the last of my ramblings, just so you know.  :)


  1. Oh no! Tom and I have had a name picked for our little boy to be for months! The prince better not take it.!

  2. seriously. I feel less pain then I did a few weeks/months ago, but EVERYONE and their dog is mentioning how huge I am. Mostly men, they say some of the dumbest things (except for Chris, he says the sweetest bless his heart). Sorry about your leg, hopefully the skirt we got you helps you feel more whimsy and pretty :) You'll do so great with this babe, just like you do with all your others! I'm excited for you! love you

  3. If you EVER need a break, PLEASE ask! I'll gladly watch the boys for you so that you can get a nap in or even just a break so you can read by yourself. ;) You're almost there! "Just keep swimming!" ((hugs))