Thursday, July 11, 2013

Dream Big

 The after dinner planning process.  All of them were very involved.  :)
For some time now, Tyson has wanted to build a tree fort for the boys.  Between the huge tree that fell on our carport and all the clean up and fixing that went along with that and all of Tyson's other demands, it hasn't happened.  So this last week, the planning stages started happening.  Tyson picked the tree/trees that would make the best place for it and started sketching out his ideas.
Being the amazing father he is, he asked the boys for their wish list: what they would have in their tree fort if they could have whatever they wanted.  Tys and I were both thinking maybe they will ask for a cool ladder or two floors or some windows.  We had NO idea that their imaginations would be so drastic and open to impossibilities.  Good thing he asked them, otherwise the tree fort would have come no where close to their high expectations.
Here are just some of their requests:
bathroom with a bathtub and sink
window with a telescope
exercise weights (a weight room)
windshield wipers for the front and back
playroom with a play kitchen
a Christmas tree on top
"a sandbox in the tree house with no sticks that stick up because that way we can build sandcastles" -Caleb
a roller coaster
a pool
a zip line going to the house so they can get inside really fast
Tyson and I just kept looking at each other with huge eyes, because it wasn't like the boys even stopped to think, they just kept giving their suggestions, one after another.  It was hilarious and adorable.  I'm excited to see how this tree fort is going to turn out.  With Tyson's skills and the boys' vision, I'm sure it will be amazing.  I'm proud of my boys for dreaming big.

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  1. This is so cute! So recently Bill and I have been watching a show called Treehouse Masters. It's awesome. It's a show about a guy who builds treehouses for a living and goes all around the country building them for people. Some of these places cost as much as a joke. But they are SWEET! It is my dream to have an awesome treehouse when we grow up :)