Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Do You Know Wendi?

Josh, Caleb and Logan were sitting at the table eating animal crackers.

Josh: "Oh Logan, last night, we went swimming at Wendi's pool and -- do you know Wendi?"
Logan: "Uh...I know my mom."
Josh: "Urgh, Logan, your mom is not Wendi.  No, do you know Wendi?"
Caleb: "Josh, be nice to Logan.  He doesn't know Wendi."
Logan: "I know Cami."
Josh: "Logan, I know you know Cami, she is right there!  Cami is my mom!  She is not Wendi."
Logan: "Josh, I know Wendy's, the place you eat."
Josh: "No, Logan, not the place you eat, the person, Wendi."
Logan: "Um, no, I don't Wendi."
Josh: (huge sigh) "Okay, that is all I wanted to know." (long pause) "So we went swimming..."

I just love kids and their conversations.  Seriously I cannot get enough of them.

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