Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Utah Trip

So this past weekend we tra la la-ed to Utah land. Tyson's best friend, Andrew (I am his bestest friend, so it is okay) got married to a cute girl named Genna. We had quite a lot of fun, but there was not enough time to visit all the people we wanted to and not enough warmth to stay outside. It was really warm when we first got there and we got to go fly a Nemo kite with KJ and Courtney, Josh had a blast trying to run down the Rock Canyon bowl. It was so funny seeing him love the park that I loved as a kid too. True, I was not quite as young, but still, a lot of time has gone by. Josh loved KJ and Court and of course their dog, Sally. He conquered his fears of big dogs and let Sally lick his hand like every five seconds because he would run to the sliding glass door and just sit there waiting for her to come. He now runs around the house panting, pretending he is a dog. He creates enough of a mess to be one too. :)

I shall name a few of the adventures we got to experience in our five day travels:
-go to Kneader's (thanks to Susan). I love that place and have craved it every day since. Alas, we live in the Ozarks.
-Thanksgiving Point for the wedding dinner. Yummy food and the little boy Max that Josh ran around with, trying to trip waiters and almost succeeding on several occasions.
-Timpanogos Temple for the wedding. Beautiful. The sealer was so sweet and so soft spoken. I'm not sure which was my favorite part, the sealer telling them to kiss again or the old man behind us that kept practically yelling "I can't hear a darn thing that man is saying, can't he speak louder?"
-The gorgeous reception with Italian sodas, chocolate covered strawberries (one of which Josh ate all of, stem and everything), fun dancing and every good thing.
-The air plane ride with the 3 year old, Ethan, that sat in front of us and turned around to talk to Josh every few minutes. When everyone was deboarding, his mom carried him off and he yelled back to us "IT WAS NICE TO MEEEEEEET YOU!" I have never laughed so hard on a plane.
-Waking up every morning to animal crackers all over the floor and Josh calling someone else on my phone at 5 AM.
-Coldstone. I had mint ice cream with gummy bears, an absolute favorite.
-Too much traffic for my liking. When did Provo/Orem get so big?
-We got to drive an Escalade the whole time we were there. It was sweet. As Tyson says "Who cares if you make a wrong turn and look stupid? You are driving an Escalade!"

Anyways, we didn't take too many pictures, so I shall have to get some from Kage and Court. But Josh is crying now and wants to get out of his crib, surprise, surprise. Moral of the story: It was a great trip, nice to spend time with my brother and his wife, and really nice to have five complete days with Tyson.


  1. Do you know who the sealer was? Todd's grandpa is a sealer there-- Brother Hagen.

    I'm sad I didn't get to see you, but glad you had so much fun!

  2. that's cute of the sealer...the one at the wedding we went to gave like a whole sacrament talk, sealed them and then eneded it all fast, it was super funny. great entertainment.