Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Best thing about being Married: Spending Eternity with Your Best Friend.

So I have been thinking a lot lately about being married and weddings and such. A lot of my friends are getting married and either calling me for advice, or I just want to hear the proposal story and such. But I find myself thinking each day about my experiences with Tyson. It has almost been exactly three years since the night Tyson and I decided that we wanted to get married and when I asked if he was sure, he said "Cami, will you marry me?" Of course I said yes, and from then on our relationship was planned to be eternal, until we went to the temple and it became eternal. I am so thankful for that day, that I wasn't too scared to say "yes," that we made covenants with each other and with the Lord to be faithful and true to each other.

I am so thankful for Tyson, he is so good to me. I used to worry that our happiness would quickly go away when we got married, but it hasn't. It is true he can be a turkey at times and there are lots of things trying to keep us from being happy and in love, but I have never been more in love with him than I am today. I still call him "hunny bunches" and I still get so excited when I hear him coming up the steps. I still get all giddy inside when he hugs me and I still laugh when he kisses me (although we still haven't figured out why I laugh). There is no one I would rather spend time with than him.

The wedding ring Tyson gave me is very much like the one above. The middle diamond is huge and gorgeous compared to the other two. I would stare at this ring for hours when I got it, and often find myself watching the sparkles reflected in the sun. It has always reminded me of eternity and our marriage. Eternity because it is round and circles never end. And the three diamonds remind me of how our marriage needs to be. The large diamond in the middle is the Lord, it is higher, prettier, far more radiant than the other two. And the other two represent Tyson and me. We are still sparkly and beautiful, but much smaller. However, with the three of them together, it is gorgeous and whole and perfect. It reminds me that with the Lord, our marriage can be gorgeous and perfect, far better than it would be without Him. He is how we found each other, He is the reason I had faith to marry someone I knew so little, it is because of Him and His atonement that Tyson and I can work out our differences and heal our arguments or "discussions" as Tyson calls them. :) The Lord is everything.

Life can be hard, and a lot of marriages end unhappily. But if we do our part and put the Lord first, trying our best to become like Him and then putting our spouse second, then we will be happy, no matter the challenges of this life. Anyways, I would just like to say that I am thankful to be married and to such a wonderful man.

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  1. What an enjoyable, uplifting, spiritual post. It was so nice to read after a difficult day with a sick little boy. I found myself thinking about how much I love my own husband. I'm so glad things are going well.