Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Saturday Dates and Puggles Uggs

So Kenni and Chris were so sweet and watched Josh on Saturday so we could go out on a date. We went to Subway and laughed and talked, then we went to the local "theater" if you can call it that. It is an experience and I always love it though. This town wouldn't be the same without it. The ceiling looks like it is going to cave in on you, the seat covers are totally shredded off on almost every chair. The floor is sticky and gross, who knows when it is cleaned, if ever. But it is so fun and so we went there to watch "Mall Cop" and it was so fun! There was a little girl sitting in front of us that busted up laughing every few seconds at totally not funny parts. So Tyson and I were dying because she and all the other kids there made it way funnier than the movie probably is. It was a lot of fun, and I love going on dates with Tyson. It is true we just go home, and watch more TV or just hang out and there is no picking me up or saying good bye on the porch. But I kind of like it that way, there are no "good-byes," just a million hellos. It is one continuous date. Just moments where we actually get to be alone and out of the house.

So thank you Bunk and Chris. You have no idea how much happiness you give us.

So here is a video (if it works) and a picture from the babysitting side of things. Josh loves to wear people's shoes and obviously, he thinks it is pretty funny. Here he is wearing Bunk's shoes.


  1. ahhh yayy! we will watch him anytime! he's my favorite little cridder around! I'm glad you guys had a fun date night! Think of how much more exciting they'll be once you have two kids to escape from! hehe

  2. hahaha! i love that video--josh is hilarious. i am SO dang excited to see you and the rest of your little family in a couple hours!!


  3. Date nights are the best. Hopefully we can find some great babysitters as well.

    That is such a funny video!