Friday, March 6, 2009

The Latest on Josh

This really isn't going to be long. I was going to download some pictures but Josh woke up, so I only have a few minutes. Well, he may have fallen back asleep...who knows.

So my little dude man is learning way too much, way too fast. He runs, everywhere, it is kind of like a little jog, but he can get pretty fast when he is in trouble. :) He can reach the countertops, doorknobs, basically all things I wish he couldn't. He just learned to spin in circles, which he does non-stop unless I turn the camera on and then he stops. He folds his arms when we say prayer, he signs "more" for everything. Let's see, more means: please, more, food, pick me up, daddy play with me, i think i'm bored. Pretty much hilarious.

Anyways though, he really is awake, so I must go. He is NOT happy. :)

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