Monday, March 9, 2009


So these first few are from Saturday when we went on a picnic with our friends Emily and Logan and their little boy Tommy. The boys are almost the same age and it was so weird because they are such little boys now! They were playing with sticks, and kicking balls, and trying to kill goldfish, pretty much what little boys do. It was so cute and so much fun!

Then this is Josh wearing Tyson's coat. He looks like he is dressed in a space suit, and it looks so much like pictures of Tyson when he was that age, it is weird.

This is from Valentine's Day when we watched our neighbor's kids. It was really fun and this is the only photo I have of all 3 of them that isn't too blurry. Of course, Josh is showing his bottom, but what can you do?

It snowed! And it was lovely!

This is Josh trying to get yo-gos out of his yo-go dispenser. I attatched it to his belt loop and he was so frustrated he couldn't get it off. He would do almost anything for a yo-go. Crazy kid.

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